NATO massacres Libyan civilians to loot the country’s oil


THE bloody massacre of 85 Libyan men, women and children by NATO in the town of Zlitan exposes once and for all that when the UK, US and France cried out ‘We must go into Libya to protect innocent civilians’, they were lying, and intended to do exactly the opposite.

They will kill just as many Libyan civilians as it takes to loot and plunder the country’s oil wealth.

The plain fact is that desperate NATO killed the 85 because they are seeking to terrify the Libyan people who have stood up to support their government and are determined that no looters and plunderers, however murderous they are, are going to steal the country’s oil.

The reality is that NATO is becoming more and more desperate as defeat stares it in the face.

Just days ago they bombed Libyan TV and said that the killing of three journalists at the site was part of NATO’s defence of the Libyan civilian population!

No doubt they will continue to attack other Libyan villages, but make no mistake about it, they are being defeated by the Libyan people, and they will be driven out of the country along with the counter-revolutionary rabble in Benghazi.

In fact the so-called government recognised by Hague, based in Benghazi, whom he pledged to loan £147 million, and to whom he has handed over the Libyan embassy in London, has already been broken up.

The members of the NTC (Interim National Transitional Council) have been sacked and the emigre counter-revolutionaries and the Islamists are at each other’s throats.

However, the Libyan people are very conscious that the British people do not support their rulers’ war on Libya, and know that the British youth have risen up for a better life against the British ruling class who are treating them like an underclass that has no future.

They know that the British workers are defending their Welfare State and their NHS against the Tory bosses and bankers who want to loot them and plunder them in order to make super profits.

This is why Libyan TV had a special message to the young people of Britain.

It called out: ‘Defeat this British regime’. It was spelt out by Yusuf Shakir, who said that the Libyan people always defended black people who ‘suffered racial discrimination’ in the UK.

He remarked that ‘black people and the poor were taking to the streets in London to demonstrate against the British government, and added that the Libyans would hold demonstrations holding up pictures of Mark Duggan, the man shot by police in Tottenham.’

It is a basic fact that the Libyan peoples’ lives are being destroyed by the same plundering, looting imperialist ruling class that is destroying the lives of workers, students and young people in Britain, namely the British ruling class.

There is an objective unity between the Libyan people and the British workers and youth – we are both in the same trench, facing the same enemy.

We must also share the same victory, against capitalism and imperialism.

This is why the News Line urges the UK trade unions and youth to join hands with the Libyan people to defeat British imperialism and establish socialism.

We call upon the British trade unions to organise a general strike to bring down the Tory-led coalition and bring in a workers government.

This will expropriate the plundering bankers and bosses and bring in a socialist planned economy.

It will also withdraw all British forces from the Middle East and North Africa and work hand in hand with the workers and youth of that area to establish socialism and a better life for all.