16,000 Police Enforcers Hit London’s Streets


A VAST force of police was mobilised for last night’s action against the masses of youth who have been showing just how much they hate the capitalist order of society, with its unattainable commodities.

The police were equipped with armoured Landrovers, of the type used during the anti-republican operations in the north of Ireland, and it was not clear whether they would be using rubber or plastic bullets, which were also used with deadly effect in the north.

Yesterday afternoon, the police chiefs made it crystal clear that any young person on the streets of the capital last night would be treated as the enemy. Indeed they gave a warning to parents of the dire things that would happen if they allowed their youngsters out, since the police would be engaging the enemy with the maximum ‘robustness’.

In fact the emergence of the revolutionary youth movement has changed Britain forever.

This Tory-led coalition has been behaving as if the working class had no option but to accept the destruction of the Welfare State and their basic rights. They have been treating the trade unions and their leaders with the most absolute contempt. Now they have been brought down to earth with a bump.

Cameron and London mayor, Johnson, very much against their will, have been forced to come back to the capital early from their luxury holidays, and have also been forced to recall parliament on Thursday.

This is so that Miliband, Balls, Harman, Lammy and Dianne Abbott, the whole panorama of Labour leaders from left to right, can join hands with Cameron and Clegg in the most rabid denunciations of the youth, and make their collective vow to crush the ‘criminals’, beginning with a vow of very heavy sentences for those who have been arrested.

However, nothing can undo what has been done, and the actions of the mass of youth who have refused to accept that, what they regard as the good things of life – trainers, clothes and computer technology – are not for them, and have boldly and fearlessly seized them, in the full view of the state, has created a new and revolutionary situation in the UK.

Youth have refused to accept a coolie existence and have hit out at capitalism, and its ‘luxury’ commodities, that their parents and other workers make for the bosses, but which they can never have since, as they are told, they are an underclass without a future.

They have now staggered the state and staggered the coalition with their uprising.

They have shown up the trade union bureaucracy as being servants of capitalism, whose role it is to keep the working class from challenging the capitalist order.

Workers must come to the support of the embattled youth who are now threatened with violent retribution. Workers know that the youth are fighting for them and that life will be hell for everybody, except the ruling class, without the NHS and the Welfare State, which the coalition are determined to smash for the benefit of the bankers, who caused the economic crisis in the first place.

Workers must demand that the trade unions call a general strike to bring down the coalition and bring in a workers government.

This will expropriate the bosses and the bankers and put an end to the commodity production system, replacing it with production to satisfy the needs of the people.

Ruling class exploitation of the working class must be ended. There must be a socialist planned economy with the ruling maxim being, from each according to his (or her) ability, to each according to his (or her) need.

This is the language of the socialist and communist future. Youth, by refusing to accept that there are basic commodities that they can never have and that they are part of some doomed underclass, have struck a blow for freedom and socialism.

The working class must now take this action forward.