Mosul Falls – Imperialist Policy Collapses In Middle East


LARGE numbers of people have been forced to flee the Iraqi city of Mosul after Islamist militants from the ISIS pro-Al Qaeda group effectively took control of parts of the city.

The US-backed Prime Minister Maliki has asked parliament to declare a state of emergency, and has called for assistance from the Western powers.

Meanwhile in Fallujah, in the west of Iraq, where the insurgency against the US occupation burnt the brightest, the revolutionary organisations in the city have continued to defy Maliki and have refused to attend a conference called by the Iraqi Prime Minister.

Open US or UK military intervention is, however, now extremely unlikely, since the British military were run out of Basra in 2007 with their tails between their legs, and then the US forces were forced to leave Iraq.

The truth about the situation in Iraq is that the rise of Al Qaeda in parts of Iraq and northern Syria is the product of the policies of Bush, and Obama, and Blair and Cameron.

There was no Al Qaeda movement in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, just as there were no wmds.

However, Blair and Bush, and the bosses and bankers, were absolutely determined to crush the modern Iraqi, secular state, where religion was kept to the pulpit, so as to grab Iraq’s oil resources.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were slaughtered to try to achieve this objective, and during the occupation and afterwards tens of thousands have died and are still dying, with Al Qaeda now a force in parts of the country.

Butchers like Tony Blair are still trying to insist that all that is happening in Iraq is the teething pains of an emerging democracy!

Not content with crushing secular, modern Iraq, the imperialist powers then turned their attention to Libya, where Colonel Gadaffi was first undermined by an agreement that he made with Blair to give up Libya’s wmds. He was then bombed out of power and murdered by NATO, with only the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda benefiting.

The country has been systematically destroyed by the various NATO-backed militias, with only Al Qaeda and the Islamists benefiting from NATO operation.

They then turned their attention to the secular Baathist state of Syria and encouraged the Islamists, including ISIS, to intervene and bomb and kill as they wished, all to get rid of Assad, and an anti-imperialist regime.

It is from this imperialist armed assistance and intervention in Syria that ISIS got what strength it has.

At a great cost to the Syrian people, these forces and their imperialist backers in Syria are being defeated, but ISIS has emerged out of the carnage to lay claim to parts of Syria and northern Iraq, thanks to the US and the UK, who put overthrowing and murdering Assad as the most important item on their agenda.

The fall of Mosul is a product of the imperialist intervention into North Africa and the Middle East.

The imperialist powers were determined to destroy Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gadaffi and President Assad, and could not care less what took the places of these anti-imperialist leaders.

The peoples of North Africa and the Middle East are now paying the price for imperialist policies in the region.

We urge the Sunni and Shia masses of Iraq to unite to get rid of their pro-US puppet government and to expel all of the various imperialist and Islamist movements that are seeking to divide up Iraq into puppet states of Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, for the benefit of imperialism.

The British workers to their credit opposed the war in Iraq in their millions, and also opposed the war in Libya and the ongoing war in Syria.

The fall of Mosul and the collapsing imperialist plot in Syria must move the UK trade unions to demand the publication of the full Chilcot report into the war with Iraq, including the full transcripts of all of the discussions between Blair and Bush.

This must pave the way for Blair to be packed off to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague!

They must demand that the Cameron government cease all support for the Syrian opposition and pay full compensation for the huge damage that it has caused to Syria and the Syrian people.

In fact at this September’s TUC Congress the General Council most move a motion to call a general strike to bring down Cameron and bring in a workers government and socialism. This is the way to show where we stand on Iraq, Syria and Libya and to give support to the workers of Iraq, Libya and Syria.