Labour Traitors Dance To Billionaire George Soros’ Tune!


AFTER their defeat in the House of Commons last Wednesday over the EU Withdrawal Bill, the billionaire George Soros’ ‘Best for Britain’ movement and its various support groups organised its first mass action in the streets last Saturday. This was to fight the decision of the UK workers to leave the EU, made in the 2016 referendum, after Parliament voted to hand over the issue to the British people.

Having been unable to knife the referendum inside the House of Commons, Soros and his lackeys are busily organising a coup against the decision of the British people, a coup, that will be a combination of parliamentary back-stabbing and confrontational mass actions in the streets.

Saturday’s marchers carried placards against Brexit and joined in the chants led by Labour MP David Lammy of: ‘Where are you Jeremy Corbyn?’ The Soros bank-rolled campaign to save the EU did not just have the support of Tories, Lib Dems, Greens and Scottish Nationalists, it also has the support of a number of Labour MP ‘friends of Brussels’.

In a video message on a big screen Labour MP Chuka Umunna urged: ‘Get every single MP to vote in the right way.’ Tottenham Labour MP David Lammy told the rally: ‘This is what it looks like when people take back control.’ In fact it was the people who decided to leave the EU. He went on to compare the struggle of the ‘Soros’ legion’ with the suffragettes, the 1930s Jarrow hunger march and Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement!

Lammy continued to insult the working class saying: ‘It’s time to stop this madness. We are not far from Downing Street and we say to Theresa May “can you hear us?” We are also not too far from Islington, can you hear us Jeremy Corbyn?’ Stabbing Labour in the back he declared: ‘This is beyond party, I’m proud to stand with Anna Soubry, a Tory, with Vince Cable of the Liberal Democrats, Green Party leader Caroline Lucas and Labour colleagues.’ A video message from Chuka Umunna stressed: ‘We must get very single MP to vote in the right way.’

Umunna has already been been accused by shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry of being part of a gang of Labour MPs trying to create a new pro-Remain party called Back Together, to defeat Brexit in the House of Commons. The right-wing demonstration took place in parallel with companies like Airbus and BMW repeating warnings they will leave the UK if it exits the single market and customs union. BMW UK boss Ian Robertson said he needed to know within months what the government’s preferred position was on customs and trade post Brexit.

Airbus said that its warning was not part of ‘Project Fear’, but was a ‘dawning reality’, especially for its 14,000 UK staff, employed across 25 manufacturing sites, about half of which are in Wales.

The big banks and the bosses are threatening the working class with an economic catastrophe if it has the nerve to proceed with implementing the 2016 referendum result.

The working class will respond to these threats and the warnings from the bosses supported by the Labour traitors by taking to the streets with powerful strike actions and mass demonstrations to demand that the UK leaves the EU at once! It will insist that all Labour collaborators with the billionaire Soros and his various fronts are deselected as MPs and expelled from the Labour Party.

Workers will occupy all those plants that the bosses are threatening to close and put them under workers management.

Any attempts at a parliamentary coup to reverse Brexit and the 2016 referendum result will be met with a mass movement of workers that will march on the Houses of Parliament and shut down the House of Lords and purge the House of Commons, replacing it with a Workers Soviet that will defeat the catastrophe that the bosses are threatening to unleash with a socialist revolution and transformation of society to provide jobs, free state education, continuing NHS healthcare and council housing for all.

The decision of the ruling class to move to smash Brexit has made the continuing eruption of a revolutionary movement of workers and youth onto the streets absolutely certain. A revolutionary working class in the UK alongside the Greek, French, Spanish, Catalonian and German workers will put an end to the European Union.

It will replace it with the Socialist United States of Europe that will cleanse Europe of bosses and bankers and develop a nationalised and planned European economy that will be able to satisfy all of the requirements of the working class of Europe and show the way forward to the workers of the world!