Labour Must Expel The Splitters And Battle For A Corbyn-Led Government!


SHADOW chancellor John McDonnell has revealed he is ‘worried and saddened’ about the prospect of the Labour Party being split by the fake ‘Labour is anti-Semitic’ campaign, being driven forward by the Tories and their allies.

McDonnell told the New Statesman he wanted to avoid a split ‘at all costs’. Meanwhile, Labour MPs were meeting as a group in London yesterday to be harangued by Labour’s ex-PM Gordon Brown – who presided over the 2008 banking crash – and is currently demanding the party fully adopts the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance guidelines on anti-Semitism.

This seeks to makes all serious criticism of Israel synonymous with anti-Semitism. In fact the biggest producer of anti-Semitism on the planet is the Israeli regime itself which this year alone has murdered at least 171 Palestinians and shot and gassed 17,500 more on the Gaza Strip border with Israel.

Pro-Zionist and pro-capitalist Labour MPs are being encouraged by the UK’s bosses and the Tories to witchhunt the Corbyn and McDonnell leadership, in a major campaign to split the Labour Party and prevent a Corbyn-led government. Supposed ‘anti-Semitism’ is their weapon of choice.

One Labour MP, Frank Field, quit the Labour group at Westminster on Thursday over what he called the party’s ‘tolerance’ of anti-Semitism and a ‘culture of nastiness’. Now the ruling class, its press and its tame Labour supporters of capitalism, such as Gordon Brown and Lord Blunkett are working might and main to turn what is not even a trickle into a flood. All McDonnell’s pleas to the New Statesman for peace are therefore useless and a waste of breath.

In the New Statesman interview, McDonnell said: ‘I think there are people who are willing to leave the party. I don’t understand why there is this sort of pre-emptive move to split off,’ he went on… ‘So the issue for me is I’d want to avoid at all costs a split if we can.’

However, others are driving on the split. Labour Lord Blunkett has urged a rethink of the ‘Corbyn project’. He clearly wants to see Corbyn purged, and all Labour’s new members purged after him, so as to make Labour once again safe for British capitalism.

As far as they are concerned the 2016 referendum result was the greatest political disaster ever in the UK, since workers won the vote. They want to see the masses driven back, and are concerned that a Corbyn-led Labour election victory will see the masses take to the streets in their millions, demanding that everything that they have lost since the 2008 crash, presided over by the Brown government, be restored.

Cameron’s disastrous referendum has broken the Tory Party. The last thing that the bosses want to see is a Corbyn-led government at the head of the masses being given a very hefty push to the left.

This is where the campaign that Corbyn is an anti-Semite is coming from. It is the weapon of last resort and its object is to split and destroy Labour. No amount of McDonnell pleading for it to stop and for MPs to be reasonable will work. The right wing Labour counter-revolution must be defeated. Labour MPs that want to break the Labour whip must be expelled from the party and new MPs must be selected to take their place and fight the next general election.

The TUC Congress begins on September 9th. Delegates must see to it that a resolution is carried to go forward to the Labour Party conference as an emergency motion to give 100% support to the Corbyn leadership.

The TUC must not stop there. It must call a general strike to bring down the Tory government. It must tell Labour to fight the next general election on a socialist programme based on its 2017 election campaign manifesto that ended the Tory majority.

Labour must continue to demand that the UK leaves the EU, the single market and the single currency. It must also renationalise the railways and the entire public sector. It must bring back free state education and put an end to student fees and debt.

It must also recognise the state of Palestine, which the Zionists are trying to prevent by leading a pro-Tory coup inside the Labour Party. The WRP and the YS will be lobbying the TUC to support these policies on September 9. Make sure that you are there.