Kick May And The Tories Out Now With A General Strike! Forward To A Workers Government


PM MAY yesterday morning announced she was resigning as Tory leader and Prime Minister in two weeks on June 7. May said that the process of electing a new leader would begin the following week and until then she would carry on as PM.

The Tories want a peaceful breathing space to plot and scheme amongst themselves who will be the next back-stabbing Tory politician to preside over the chaos May has left behind.

For all her protestations that she had ‘done everything’ she could do to carry out her ‘duty to implement’ the 2016 referendum result, May in fact organised the situation.

It is a situation where even the most vocal Tory Brexiteers like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove (both being touted as the main contenders for May’s crown) agree that a No-Deal Brexit is out of the question, indeed both of them voted last time round in favour of May’s doomed deal to keep Britain tied in perpetuity to the EU. This is also the position of almost every single MP in the Labour Party as well.

While the Tories are scrambling around trying to find May’s replacement, there will be an equal amount of plotting going on in Westminster about uniting Tory Remainers with the right-wing of the Labour Party around the demand for a second referendum to cancel Article 50 and overturn the Brexit vote completely.

Out of the chaos orchestrated by May, moves towards a coalition between Tories and Labour’s right wing are increasingly being seen as the only way for the bourgeoisie to escape from this crisis.

With the Tories in complete meltdown and unable to govern themselves let alone the country, the issue for the ruling class is how to end Brexit and organise a government that can take on a working class that is increasingly being revolutionised by the capitalist crisis.

In her farewell speech, May made a great play of calling for ‘consensus’ amongst MPs – she couldn’t achieve it, so it is now up to others. There will be no shortage of Labour renegades eager to join a consensus with the Tories.

She also made the ludicrous claim that her government had ‘brought an end to austerity’ and provided more job security and houses. This will be news to the millions of workers living on poverty-level wages, forced to survive through the charity of food banks, or the thousands driven onto the streets or living in bed and breakfast as their council homes are demolished and sold off to the privateer developers.

This will be news to the hundreds of thousands driven to rely on zero-hours contract jobs or forced out of work as industries from British Steel to the motor industry collapse under the impact of the worldwide trade war and the crisis of capitalism.

These are the burning issues that confront the working class and young people today – not just Brexit but the austerity war being waged against jobs, wages and vital services like the NHS by a world crisis of capitalism that is deepening by the day.

With May gone and the Tories in tatters, now is the time for the working class to organise a general strike to kick out the Tories and for the working class to take power and bring in socialism.

The Tories and all the Labour plotters must not be allowed any time to organise for a right-wing national government to be formed to remain in the EU.

Workers must force their trade unions to take immediate action to kick out the whole lot of them through the organisation of a general strike.

A general strike to kick out the Tories and bring in a workers government that will quit the EU without any ‘deal’ and then go forward to nationalise the banks and major industries and place them under the control of the working class as part of a socialist planned economy is the answer to the crisis.

This is the only way to deal with the effects of superausterity on workers’ living standards and the threat to millions of jobs that the capitalist crisis and slump are creating.

Decisive action in the UK will win the support of workers and youth throughout Europe who face the same enemy and inspire them to follow suit in rising up to overthrow the rule of the bosses and bankers and replace the EU with the Socialist United States of Europe.

Only the WRP and Young Socialists fight for this policy – Join today!