It’s a crisis of capitalism not a crisis of food production


ON SUNDAY we were told that in the future we will not be able to get the state pension until the age of 70, ensuring the virtual abolition of the state pension since most of us workers will be dead before we reach that age.

The workers are to work till they drop.

Yesterday we were told, as well, that the future equals living on starvation World War II wartime rations, on vegetables and one powdered egg a week, with very little fish, or meat, with bacon rinds as a special treat, and fruit as a very, very special treat.

The working class is to starve, but of course there will be exceptions to these rules.

The bosses and the bankers will still retire at 50 on their million pound pension pots.

As well, during the Second Word War there was no such thing as shortages or rationing for the rich. The big hotels and the poshest restaurants were full to the brim, all through the war, as the rich enjoyed themselves, as their diaries from the time show.

Earlier, we were told that accompanying this spectacle of a society in its death agony, the Afghan war will last for forty years – no doubt it will be the initial push by the imperialist powers to subjugate the entire area of gas and oil-rich central Asia, in some new ‘hundred years war’.

The bankers and capitalists are making it crystal clear that capitalism has got nothing to offer the working class, except poverty, wartime rationing, and wars to divide and redivide the world – and that the brief period where the capitalist system was in a contradictory and limited fashion, able to develop the productive forces of humankind, after the massive destruction of the Second World War, is definitively over.

Instead of progress, Malthus is attempting to rule. The inference from the current bourgeois propaganda campaign, using the global warming theory as a weapon, is that there are just too many people, and nothing will be right until the population of the planet has been reduced, no doubt by imperialist wars, to a manageable number.

Not only is capitalism on a rapid downward course towards extinction, but so is humanity itself – goes this pessimistic, religious, end-of-the-world theory, which seeks to prove that the end of capitalism is the end of the world.

Instead of going to the top of mountains to try to escape the great flood or the wrath of god, as was done at the end of the first millenium, the far-sighted bourgeois individual stocks up on his green technology, fills up his larder and buys himself a gun to defend his gains from the mob that he is certain will shortly roam the earth.

This reactionary bourgeois perspective is the opposite to the essence of the current critical situation.

This is that the crisis of capitalism is sharpening the class struggle to the point where the working class will be forced, in order to live, to continue the Russian revolution, and overthrow capitalism on a world scale. It will establish a planned socialist economy where production will be based on people’s needs, and not on the requirements of a handful of billionaires.

The capitalists are solely concerned with saving their system. This means the propping up of the banks, the destruction of the Welfare State, and poverty for the working class, in order to be able to do so.

More and more land is being used to produce bio-fuels and taken out of food production. Hundreds of thousands of farmers in the EU are being paid not to produce food! For the bourgeoisie profits are the only things that matter.

More and more cash is being used to build up the military, while preparations are being made for a mass closure of hospitals, schools and universities.

There is a crisis of capitalism, not a crisis of food production. It must be resolved through the organisation of the British and world socialist revolutions.