London Postal Workers Out Today

CWU pickets at Brockley Delivery Office during their strike on August 7th
CWU pickets at Brockley Delivery Office during their strike on August 7th

ALL London postal districts are taking 24-hour strike action today, as the CWU (Communication Workers Union) fights the Royal Mail/Labour government onslaught on postal workers’ jobs, terms, conditions and pensions.

CWU members in Stoke on Trent began indefinite strike action yesterday, while other areas are taking strike action on other days this week.

Roger Charles, Mount Pleasant International CWU Branch Secretary told News Line yesterday: ‘We’re fighting reductions in the service, arbitrary changes to conditions including attendance times, imposed changes to work locations and changes to the types of work people perform.

‘We are fighting a national dispute and it’s only right that postal workers all over the country should be involved in the fight.

‘The union plan is to serve notice on September 2nd of a national ballot opening on September 7th.

‘Given the attacks we are all facing I’m sure there will be a positive outcome.

‘We are looking forward to national action.

‘Not only is this a national dispute with Royal Mail, but the intervention of the government has made it a political one as well and people up and down the country need to realise that we have to stand together, united and fighting, to beat both Royal Mail and the government.’

Dave Ward, CWU Deputy General Secretary, said: ‘Postal workers are being hit hard with closures, cut-backs, a pay freeze and an increasingly bullying management that refuses to negotiate.

‘Recent meetings cannot be called “talks” as Royal Mail does all the talking and is not interested in the concerns or ideas of the CWU.

‘While this attitude continues, we have no choice than to press ahead with a national ballot for strike action.’

‘We are still willing to call off strike action and offer a three-month no-strike deal in return for meaningful negotiations.

A National Briefing meeting for CWU reps from all over the country is taking place at Friends Meeting House in Euston, north London at 10.30am tomorrow.