Imperialist lies over Aleppo – a cover for their own war crimes


SUNDAY’S emergency meeting of the UN Security Council witnessed the orchestrated attack on the Syrian people and Russia by the imperialist powers.

The meeting was called by the US over the accusations that the Syrian armed forces and the Russians had launched a ‘scorched earth bombing campaign’ against the city of Aleppo.

The imperialists fell over themselves to denounce this action, weeping copious tears over the fate of civilians, condemning Russia for committing ‘war crimes’.

No attempt was made to justify these claims, claims which the Syrian ambassador categorically denied saying that Syrian forces and their allies had only ever targeted terrorist forces and pointing out that Aleppo is controlled, not by the so-called democratic freedom fighters who exist only in the propaganda machine of the imperialists, but by the al-Nusra Front formerly called al-Qaeda in Syria.

This terrorist group is, as the Russian envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin pointed out to the Security Council, using the civilian population of Aleppo as human shields while attacking residential areas of the city controlled by the Syrian government.

He further pointed out the incontrovertible truth that al-Nusra ‘are armed by tanks, APCs, field artillery, multiple rocket launchers. . . dozens and dozens of units, including heavy weaponry. . . Of course, they couldn’t have made this equipment themselves. All of this has been received by them and is still being shipped to them by generous Western backers, with the US, presumably, turning a blind eye.’

No presumably about it – these terrorist groups have been armed to the hilt by imperialism and transported into Syria with the one aim of overthrowing the legitimate government of Assad and installing a puppet regime owned by the US and their allies.

This has failed spectacularly and the situation is out of control as far as the imperialists are concerned and they are now faced with seeing their terrorist allies defeated in Aleppo as the Syrian army prepares to retake this stronghold of al-Nusra.

Facing military defeat the imperialists were banking on stealing the peace through a negotiated settlement involving Putin and the Stalinist regime agreeing a ‘peace deal’ that would see Assad removed.

This deal and the ceasefire agreement to allow humanitarian aid into Aleppo was killed stone dead, not by Syria or Russia but by the continued arming of the terrorists, as outlined by Churkin, and the deliberate targeting by US fighter bombers of a Syrian army convoy. This was dismissed as a ‘mistake’ by the US, a mistake that conveniently allowed IS and al-Nusra forces to regroup and re-arm.

Equally, when on the 17 September the US-led coalition carried out airstrikes on Syrian Arab Army forces in the city of Deir ez-Zor, where they were being besieged by IS forces, this was written off by the Pentagon as ‘unintentional’.

When imperialists bomb hospitals or send drones to kill wedding parties in Afghanistan or other countries in the Middle East this is just an unfortunate accident. When their allies in the IS and al Nusra front commit atrocities and attack aid convoys this is used as an excuse to blame Assad and Russia and scream ‘war crimes’ without any evidence being produced. This is more than hypocrisy.

In Libya the imperialists used the lie that Gadaffi was preparing to march on Benghazi and massacre its people as an excuse to bomb the country and kill its leader, leaving behind a shattered country and a living hell for the Libyan people. Sunday’s orchestrated outrage is clearly aimed at providing the same excuse for military intervention.

The only war criminals are the imperialists who are responsible for the murder of millions of innocent men, women and children as they strive to re-conquer the region for the exploitation of its mineral wealth. The working class must come out in support of the Syrian people, in Britain they must demand a general strike to force the withdrawal of all British troops from the region and that the war criminals responsible for these crimes against humanity are put on trial.

Above all we must build sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International in every country to lead the world socialist revolution to victory and bury imperialism forever.