Imperialism plotting bigger war! The TUC must call a general strike and kick out the Tories to bring in a workers government!


US president Joe Biden on his whistlestop visit to Israel on Wednesday, gave the green light to plans for a full-scale ground invasion of the besieged Gaza Strip.

Following his meeting with Biden, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated: ‘In our meeting today, we agreed on a set of actions and steps that make sure we can continue the war.’

He added: ‘We agreed on cooperation that will change the equation on all the fronts and will help us achieve our goals in the war.’

At this meeting with the Israeli war Cabinet Biden said that he understood that this war to crush Hamas and destroy any Palestinian resistance to Zionist occupation would take time.

US imperialism is preparing not just for a ground invasion, following the murderous relentless bombing campaign against Palestinians trapped in Gaza, but for a protracted war on a massive scale throughout the Middle East.

Biden immediately flew back to the US to prepare the demand that Congress approve $100 billion in emergency funds to arm Israel and Ukraine with $10 billion earmarked for military assistance to Israel and $60 billion for Ukraine.

The balance is expected to be used to beef up US forces in the Pacific as part of preparation for a war drive against China. Biden is seeking the money to wage war on a global scale against the ‘enemies’ of US imperialism and in support of its client states in Ukraine and Israel.

Biden was quickly followed by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who turned up in Israel yesterday to assure Netanyahu that ‘we want you to win’ and that the UK government backs to the hilt Israel’s right to ‘go after Hamas’.

While Biden and Sunak were pledging their full support for the genocidal war against Hamas and the Palestinians, and ramping up preparations for a global conflict to re-order the world for imperialism, the workers, youth and people of the world were spontaneously coming out onto the streets to demonstrate their solidarity and support for the Palestinian people.

In London, over 1,000 protesters gathered in Whitehall despite heavy rain on Wednesday night, with chants of ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,’ heard. This was a complete defiance of Tory Home Secretary Suella Braverman who has decreed this to be banned under Tory anti-terror laws designed to make any support for the Palestinian struggle illegal.

What is clear, is that the Palestinians enjoy the overwhelming support of workers and youth across the world who have not been taken in by the narrative pumped out continuously by the capitalist press and media that Israel has the right to bomb and kill thousands of Palestinians on a regular basis and that the Palestinians must tamely submit.

The massive strength of this support has not been diminished by all the lies that Israel had nothing to do with the barbaric bombing of the Gaza hospital.

In Britain, this tide of anger and demands for action has forced the TUC to break its shameful silence and issue a statement urging: ‘The UK government and parliamentarians across the political spectrum … to support genuine efforts towards a just, comprehensive and lasting peace that is consistent with international law.’

Appeals for peace and for international law are a pathetic avoidance of the reality that world imperialism is preparing for a massive global conflict to attempt to regain its complete domination of the Middle East, along with greatly weakening Russia and China, countries capitalism was forcibly removed from by socialist revolutions.

The imperialist powers don’t care about international law, humanitarian considerations or how many people are killed in their wars. The only consequence imperialism is concerned about is its own survival which depends on being able to exploit the world’s resources mercilessly.

The UK working class has the power to begin putting an end to this war drive by forcing the TUC to call a general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government and socialism.

This will win the support of the working class throughout the world to follow suit by going forward to the victory of the world socialist revolution consigning capitalism to the dustbin of history.

This is the only way forward. Join and build the WRP and the Young Socialists and sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International worldwide!
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