Holbrooke, Blair, Thaci, mafia wars and organ theft


THE Council of Europe has named the Kosovo Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, as a mafia leader who organised the sale of drugs and weapons throughout Europe, and oversaw the harvesting of the organs of Serb and other prisoners, and their sale to private overseas clinics.

The prisoners were ‘farmed’, and kept alive solely for the benefit of the organ trade.

The report, by the Swiss Council of Europe deputy Dick Marty, accuses Thaci and other senior commanders of the Albanian guerrilla group, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) of having set up the traffic.

The report says this trade ‘has continued, albeit in other forms, until today’.

The report establishes that Thaci was ‘the boss’ of the Drenica Group, a ‘small but inestimably powerful group of KLA personalities’ who took control of organised crime in the region from at least 1998.

The diplomatic and political support the United States and other western powers gave him during the talks following the Kosovo conflict ‘bestowed upon Thaci, not least in his own mind, a sense of being “untouchable”,’ Marty added.

‘The signs of collusion between the criminal class and high political and institutional office bearers are too numerous and too serious to be ignored,’ wrote Marty.

The report’s sources also implicated Thaci and his lieutenants in ‘assassinations, detentions, beatings and interrogations’ in Kosovo and Albania between 1998 and 2000.

Thaci was a key ally of both the United States and the UK in the struggle to break apart the Yugoslav workers state, using the cover story that they were helping the ‘freedom fighters of the KLA’, led by Thaci to establish freedom and democracy in Kosovo.

The struggle of the KLA was depicted as a ‘liberation struggle’ against the cruel Serbs, and NATO duly went to war and bombed Yugoslavia for over 80 days to secure the secession of Kosovo from Serbia, whereupon Thaci ethnically cleansed the province of over a hundred thousand of both Christian and Muslim people, to establish his mafia statelet.

The just deceased Richard Holbrooke, was a US special envoy during 1998 and 1999, and in this capacity worked hand in glove with the deeply religious British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to hand over Kosovo to the KLA mafia and Thaci.

In 1998, Holbrooke negotiated an agreement with the Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to withdraw Yugoslav forces from Kosovo, where they were accused of conducting an ethnic cleansing campaign.

In March 1999 he travelled to Belgrade to deliver the final ultimatum to Milosevic, and then the NATO bombing campaign against Serbia was begun.

Blair met and lauded Thaci as a freedom fighter and worked night and day to detach Kosovo from Serbia through which the Mafia run statelet was established.

Reacting to Holbrooke’s death, Thaci sent a telegram to the State Department, declaring: ‘For citizens of Kosovo, the death of Richard Holbrooke is a loss of a friend, of a voice that protected the interest of the Republic of Kosovo.’

In truth Holbrooke and Blair were dedicated bourgeois politicians who were willing to use any movement, any leader and any tactic to overthrow the Yugoslav workers’ state, and open up south eastern Europe to the big banks that both served.

In fact Blair rejoiced in his ‘five wars of liberation’, culminating with the war on Iraq, as a reordering of the world made possible after Gorbachev and Yeltsin did their best to destroy the USSR.

The deeply religious Blair still considers that the mountains of corpses provided by the Yugoslav wars and the war on Iraq were worth it.

He is due to reappear before the Chilcot Inquiry on the Iraq war in January.

From there he should be packed off to the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague to be held to account for the slaughter carried out at his behest in Yugoslavia and Iraq, with the assistance of such helpers as Thaci.