Hague Beats The War Drums Against Syria


YESTERDAY saw the spectacle of Foreign Secretary Hague complaining that every Jihadist on the planet was heading for Syria, after both he and his Saudi, Qatari and Bahraini allies have been financing, arming and supporting these very same forces to destroy Syria as an anti-imperialist bastion through overthrowing its Ba’athist government, led by president Assad.

After all, this same team conducted a similar operation in Libya, which has turned the whole of North Africa into a killing zone, where UK citizens have been warned not to tread out of fear that they will be killed on sight.

This is also just 10 years after the Blair government followed up its lying propaganda about wmds in Iraq to launch an invasion to destroy the country, killing millions of people or turning them into refugees. the end product of this onslaught was the emergence of Al-Qaeda in Iraq as well as a pro-Iranian government.

This government has stated that the war on Syria is an attack on Iraq and that all of the ‘non-lethal’ weapons that are being sent to Syria to arm the Islamists will be used to kill Iraqis, if Assad is overthrown.

The reality of the situation is that the imperialists are behaving like mad rabid dogs, who driven by the world capitalist crisis, are waging a world war to overthrow all anti-imperialist regimes, especially in the oil-rich Middle East, so that they can hold the entire area in their fist, as they did after the First World War.

They want to smash all the Arab nationalist regimes and the Iranian government employing any forces that are willing to do the job, confident that they can do a deal with Al-Qaeda once the job is done.

After all, a very prominent Libyan Islamist has agreed to let the UK off with a sum of £3 compensation and an apology for sending him to Libya to face the hostile Gadaffi regime, during the time when Blair and the British secret services could not do enough to ingratiate themselves with Gadaffi.

It was Madeleine Albright who commented that the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children who were killed by UN sanctions, constituted a price worth paying, if it weakened the regime of Saddam Hussein and helped to bring it to an end.

Now, the British Foreign Minister is displaying the same bloodsoaked outlook, while drowning in crocodile tears, over the millions of Syrian refugees that his policies have created in the first place.

All this suffering, the destruction of Aleppo and countless other towns and cities, the destruction of historic Syria, all this is a price worth paying if it brings down Assad and advances the drive to smash Hezbollah in the Lebanon and brings down the Iranian regime, as far as Hague and Cameron are concerned.

However British workers are beginning to understand that this is a war on two fronts. The battle to smash Assad is part of the same battle to prop up the bankers and the bosses by privatising the NHS, smash the benefit system and put an end to the Welfare State.

It is in fact one struggle, and in this struggle the British workers must consciously ally themselves with the Syrian people and the Iranian masses against imperialism.

Thatcher came back from the Malvinas war to make war on the miners and the printers. Hague and Cameron want to smash Assad and then to use the same military to smash the working class at home.

This is why the trade unions must tell Cameron, ‘Hands off Syria, No new war in the Middle East, Stop aiding Al-Qaeda against Assad!’

Two million people marched ten years ago to stop the war with Iraq. They were ignored by Blair who went to war regardless of what the UK people wanted. It is clearly not enough to march!

The trade unions must call a general strike to bring down the Cameron regime and bring in a workers’ government and socialism. This will unite the British workers and the Syrian people and constitute a huge leap in the development of the world socialist revolution.