First the 2016 referendum defeat for the ruling class, now May is being humbled; next comes a Labour government and a socialist revolution!


THE LAST week has seen the Tory drive to have PM May crowned as Empress, via a runaway election victory and a huge majority, disintegrate, as the man who they were seeking to humiliate and turn into a joke, Corbyn, turned the tables on them, and revealed that actually they were the fools.

What has happened is that the working class – that is still paying the full price for the 2008 capitalist banking collapse with a regime of permanent austerity that has cut wages, brought in mass hunger, food banks and homelessness, and youth who either go to school hungry or go on to university and embrace massive indebtedness in order to get an education – has had enough and has begun to lift up Corbyn and Co on its shoulders.

This unwelcome appearance of the working class and the youth, as far as the ruling class is concerned, is bringing down the ‘overmighty’ May, who thought that the snap election was going to be a victory parade, and declined to debate with the representatives of the lower orders.

The Tory leadership even allowed the Tory party to become ‘Team May’ with all the emphasis on the mighty May, a superwoman who was going to save the UK capitalists and canter to a massive election victory, after which she would be able to dictate terms to the world.

This drunken mirage has evaporated, and the Tory knives are now out for May. If she does not win her massive majority, then it is going to be ‘off with her head’ in record time, while another ‘Iron Lady’, perhaps the Telegraph’s favourite, Amber Rudd, is forced into the breach. If only it were so simple. In fact, the crisis of capitalism is now so grave and the UK ruling class so weak that it has begun to make historic mistakes from which there will be no recovery.

Its first great mistake was to allow the Bullingdon gang, led by Cameron and Osborne, to call last June’s referendum. They were convinced that they would win easily since all the established parties and all of the big trade unions and the TUC were with them. The entire ruling class and its establishment were in fact rejected by the working class with a 17m plus vote.

What they learnt from this ‘surprise and shock’ rejection was absolutely nothing, since one year later they embarked on another sure thing, with their snap election to turn May into an Empress-dictator.

The desperate crisis of British capitalism has unnerved the UK ruling class and turned it into adventurers, who have lost ‘their right to rule’ and deserve to be dispatched into the dustbin of history to join the feudal order as a backward social formation.

Their gamble with the future of capitalism is now backfiring on a massive scale with the minimum damage being that May does not get her majority and is fired, leading to another crisis election.

If a minority Labour government emerges on June 9, it will rapidly become a majority as workers seek to give Corbyn the majority that he needs in another election.

If Labour wins, then the ruling class will seek to bring it down from day one and will create the conditions for the building of the WRP into a mass party to lead the working class to the taking of power via the British socialist revolution.

However, the ruling class has not been the only major casualty. Labour’s right wing has also been very badly holed. It was banking on a massive defeat and humiliation of Labour and Corbyn so that they could mount a coup to remove him before forming a bloc with the Liberals.

This right wing is hated by workers. Hustings meetings all over the country have been dominated by workers taking to task right wingers seeking to return as Labour MPs for their attempts to sabotage the Corbyn leadership and their determination to see Labour losing the election.

On June 9, these right-wing MPs will have to face their angry constituents and there is no doubt that in due time they will be deselected as the workers fire them and bring in socialists who they trust.

We repeat our call to vote Labour to evict the Tories and to vote for the five WRP candidates where they are standing. This is vital since Labour taking office is not the same as the working class taking power. In the days ahead the working class will have to take the power and establish socialism. For this it will need the revolutionary leadership of the WRP. Make sure you join the WRP today.