Desperate Tories frantically witchhunt Corbyn – put them out on June 8th!


WITH just ten days to go before voting takes place in Theresa May’s snap general election the Tories are in a state of acute political crisis.

Yesterday May’s campaign was ‘re-launched’ after a disastrous weekend that saw her home secretary, Amber Rudd, confessing on the BBC that she doesn’t have a clue about the Tory plans for a cap on social care costs, a central plank of May’s ‘dementia tax’ proposals.

While denying all knowledge of May’s attack on pensioners, Rudd was sure of one thing – that terror attacks like last Monday’s bombing atrocity in Manchester would increase if Jeremy Corbyn became prime minister.

Tory defence secretary Michael Fallon joined in, claiming that Corbyn was justifying terrorism by saying there was a link between foreign policy of bombing countries like Iraq and Libya to destruction and the growth of jihadist terrorism.

The Tories are quite cynically and deliberately intent on using the Manchester bomb as a weapon to rescue May at a time when the opinion polls are recording huge gains for Labour. Yesterday’s front page of the Telegraph was devoted to denouncing him as ‘honouring Palestinian terror chief’ for attending a wreath laying service in Tunisia last year for fallen members of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).

These martyrs, who gave their lives fighting for the rights of Palestinians to their own land against Zionist occupation, are denounced as ‘terrorists’ by the Telegraph and Tories. But it is now emerging that the real terrorists behind the murderous Manchester bombings suffered no such denunciation when they were the allies of the Tory government of David Cameron back in the days when they were ‘freedom fighters’ to be given every aid in the war to smash up Libya and murder its leader, Colonel Gadaffi.

The man who carried out the suicide attack that killed 22 people, Salman Abedi, grew up in Manchester as part of an anti-Gadaffi exiled Libyan community. In 2011 his father returned to Libya to fight with the outlawed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) as allies of British imperialism.

He was part of a channel operated by British security to move anti-Gadaffi exiles back to Libya to overthrow the regime – a struggle that only succeeded when British and French planes operated as the air-force for these ‘rebels’.

Salman Abedi, it turns out, was well known to MI5. In January this year the FBI even notified them that he was planning a terrorist attack in Britain but despite this, and numerous warnings that he was a potential threat, nothing was done to stop his many trips back to Libya to join the jihadist terrorist LIFG.

It is quite clear that these British jihadists were encouraged and helped by the British state, which had May as home secretary, to go to Libya to wage war against the legitimate government on behalf of British and French imperialism.

If these ‘allies’ have now turned on their former imperialist friends it is because they have been unable to take over Libya and gain the power they were promised. None of this has anything to do with Corbyn. The campaign of vilification being run against him is a sign of the acute desperation gripping the Tories as the prospect of a Labour win looms.

Should this happen, the working class must be ready for even more desperate measures from the ruling class to stem the rising tide of hatred for the Tories and capitalist austerity. A Labour win would undoubtedly lead to the capitalist class immediately precipitating an economic collapse through a crash in the stock market in order to impose discipline on workers for having the temerity to throw the Tories out.

This would pose before workers the issue of resolving the crisis of capitalism by taking the power through a socialist revolution. The crisis of capitalism is reflected in the crisis of the Tory Party at the prospect that there could be a Labour victory. This makes the building of a revolutionary leadership capable of leading the socialist revolution to victory absolutely decisive.

Vote Labour to kick the Tories out, and in the five constituencies with WRP candidates vote WRP, and join the party to build the revolutionary leadership necessary to go from a Labour government to a workers government and socialism.