Defeat The May-Corbyn Pact To Knife Brexit – No To A National Government!


TORY Prime Minister May emerged from her meeting with her cabinet on Tuesday and immediately issued a letter to every Tory MP calculated to ignite a civil war in the party and split it irrevocably.

May placed the blame for her failure to get her rotten deal through Parliament squarely on the shoulders of her own MPs and the DUP.
She wrote: ‘The question is how can we get Parliament to ratify the deal? The government would have preferred to do so based on Conservative and DUP votes.
‘But, having tried three times, it is clear that it is unlikely to happen. So yesterday we agreed to take action to break the logjam. I offered to sit down with the leader of the opposition to try to agree a plan to ensure that we leave the European Union and that we do so with a deal.’
May stressed that she was meeting with Corbyn with the utmost belief that they shared many areas of agreement – namely the determination to reverse the 2016 referendum result to leave the EU.
Leading Tory whip, Nigel Adams, immediately resigned. Up to 20 Tory ministers are expected to join him soon as the Tory party disintegrates.
Corbyn said he was ‘very happy’ to meet and reach a compromise that would keep Britain tied for ever to the EU, adding: ‘I recognise my responsibility to represent the people that supported Labour in the last election and the people who didn’t support Labour but nevertheless want certainty and security for their own future.’
Corbyn is prepared to put the ‘national interest’ first and enter not just discussion but open the way for a coalition government of national salvation with the Tories. This will split the Labour party from top to bottom.
With both main parties split irrevocably, the only way forward for the bourgeoisie is a national government. A national government will not stop at Brexit – it will be charged by the ruling class to defend the national interest of the bosses and bankers in the war to impose the costs of the world crisis of capitalism squarely on the backs of the working class.
For the ruling class only a reactionary national government can carry through the vicious attacks on workers, beginning by carrying out a coup against the Brexit vote.
But the plans of the ruling class will not stop at foisting a national government on the country; they are preparing to take on a working class enraged by this parliamentary coup in a direct and violent confrontation.
Yesterday, it emerged that a film is circulating on social media showing members of the parachute regiment using pictures of Corbyn for target practice!
This is no ‘bit of fun’ by these troops, the military are being geared up deliberately to view Corbyn as the enemy who will be dispensed with one way or another after he does the job assigned to him by the ruling class of taking the shattered remains of the Labour Party into a reactionary coalition government.
What is clear is that the capitalist class can no longer rule through the old methods and is seeking to impose new brutal forms of rule on a working class that holds Parliament and both Tory and Labour in contempt.
The only way forward for workers and the middle classes who voted to break with the bosses’ and bankers’ EU is to take action to bring down this Tory government and put an end to the reactionary plotting by a bankrupt ruling class by going forward to a workers government.
Workers must take action to make sure that the UK is broken from the EU on April 12. It must then go forward to deal with the capitalist class by establishing a workers government that will resolve the capitalist crisis by expropriating the banks and industries, placing them under the ownership and management of the working class as part of a planned socialist economy.
This revolutionary seizure of power requires the rapid building up of the trained revolutionary Marxist party to lead this struggle to victory.
The WRP and YS are building this leadership. Join us today to mobilise the working class to take the power.