Corbyn For Pm – Bring Down The Tories And Forward To Palestine!


THESE are truly desperate times for the Tories. Their government is selling out Brexit. Their party is split and divided, with Boris Johnson challenging PM May on a daily basis, and they live in fear of losing their slender majority – provided by the DUP – and being brought down by an internal Tory coup and having to face a crisis election.

Their nightmare is that a Labour government will be elected, led by the leftist Corbyn, and that a powerful working class will give it a huge shove forward and insist that it continues the work that Aneurin Bevan began, by nationalising the banks and major industries under workers’ management and putting an end to British capitalism and its ruinous austerity programmes.

Their main tactic is to try and besmirch Corbyn’s proud record of support for movements of national liberation, whether they be in Ireland or Palestine or South Africa. He has a proud record of supporting South African liberation when Thatcher and successive Tory governments were supporting Apartheid and the jailing of Nelson Mandela, and were also watching and waiting for the Irish hunger strikers, led by Bobby Sands, to die as they fought for political status.

Nothing can besmirch his proud record, no matter how far back the witchhunters go, and nothing can make their own foul record better! The desperation of the Tory witchhunters and their media at the fact that they have not been able to remove Corbyn by orchestrating a right wing coup in the Labour Party, can be gauged by the fact that they have had to call in the arch terrorist, Netanyahu, to their aid.

He is the head of the Israeli terrorist state, whose soldiers in the course of the past few months have murdered 153 Gazans and wounded over 17,000, using drones, gas, bullets and projectiles of all kinds, many of them supplied by the UK. Yesterday morning this arch terrorist was cheered to the rafters by the Tory press as he accused Corbyn of supporting terrorism!

Thousands of Israelis have marched against Netanyahu for the racist legislation that he has brought in to confirm that Israel ‘is the national home of the Jews’, and that, by definition, all others are second class people. Netanyahu’s armed forces are even now preparing a new war on Gaza and to use their ground and air forces to try to destroy the crowded Gaza Strip and the masses of poor people who live there.

So weak are the Tories that Netanyahu has been invited to intervene in the domestic affairs of the UK. He has complied because he relies on the Tories to arm his regime and to support its terrorist drive against the Palestinians, so he is desperate to see that the Tories remain the government. He is helping them to attack Corbyn to try to secure a Tory regime that will support the next stage of the Trump-Netanyahu plan to turn Gaza into the Palestinian state, incorporate the occupied territories into Israel, and declare that the Palestinian ‘problem’ has been solved by refugees taking the nationality of the Arab state that they currently live in!

The Tories are now welcoming this arch-terrorist into the UK’s domestic political affairs with open arms and cheers. Last but not least, Netanyahu is very much aware that the programme that Labour fought the last general election on contains a pledge that Labour will recognise the State of Palestine and do everything possible to bring it into existence and sustain it.

All UK workers and their trade unions must condemn the Tory-Netanyahu witchhunters alliance against Corbyn, against socialism, and against the Palestinian people. The response of the trade unions must be to take general strike action to bring down the Tories, while Labour must get ready for a general election by de-selecting all of the right wing Labour MPs that have been supporting the Tory-Netanyahu witchhunters and replace them with socialists who are prepared to fight for a socialist UK and a socialist state of Palestine. Down with the anti-Corbyn witchhunt! Bring down the Tories with a general strike! Forward to a Socialist UK and the Socialist State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital!