Clinton, Hague beat war drums over Syria


YESTERDAY US and UK diplomats were foaming at the mouth over an alleged massacre by the Syrian armed forces of men women and children, with Hilary Clinton declaring that the Assad regime must be removed and the UK’s Hague echoing her position, calling for a meeting of the UN Security Council to take action.

At the same time, the latest news from Afghanistan is that yet another NATO bombing raid has killed yet another Afghan family – husband, wife and six children, adding to the mountain of innocent but dead Afghans that NATO has created. These routine killings warranted no comment from the US-UK.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government has denied that its forces are responsible for the massacre that took place, blaming gangs of armed terrorists for the crime, terrorists that have the full support of the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Last week the Secretary of the UN Security Council, Ban, pointed out that the imperialist intervention in Syria, thus far, has created a situation where Al Qaeda, NATO’s silent partner during its Libyan adventure, has been able to intervene in Syria with a series of massive bombings, with huge casualties.

In fact, the NATO leaders that are weeping crocodile tears over the dead of the Syrian conflict, have a track record of responsibility for truly massive massacres in Iraq and Libya, as well as working for a civil war in Syria that is planned to leave Iran without an ally in the region.

The ‘democratic’ leaders of the ‘free world’ also called the recent Syrian parliamentary elections a complete farce, and encouraged, then supported, the refusal of the ‘democratic’ Syrian opposition to take part in the voting!

The truth of the matter is that NATO, Clinton, and Hague do not favour democracy of any kind in Syria. They want a civil war, open intervention and regime change. They have a plan to foment civil war in Syria, and create mountains of corpses, to coerce the UN Security Council into giving them permission to intervene to destroy the Syrian Ba’athist regime, as the opening shot of the war with Iran.

All sides are are now preparing for this war, including the Saudis who are arming at a frantic pace and planning a Gulf Union headed by them and Bahrain to control the Gulf. Also, a major military exercise has just taken place in Jordan, on Syria’s borders, involving tens of thousands of troops including US and UK soldiers.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council this week.

The EU, Arab League, France, Britain and Germany have all expressed their ‘shock’, and Hague said yesterday, ‘Our urgent priority is to establish a full account of this appalling crime and to move swiftly to ensure that those responsible are identified and held to account.’

In a statement on Saturday, Clinton called the deaths an ‘atrocity’ and said Washington would increase pressure on ‘Assad and his cronies’ who, she said, must give up power. In fact, the responsibility for any massacres taking place in Syria rests with the imperialist powers and their Gulf hirelings, who are determined to incite a civil war and regime change that will be crowned with a massacre of the Alawites and other pro-Assad groups.

The position of the Stalinist leaders of Russia and China is that they will not vote at the UN Security Council for military intervention into Syria. However, they stood by and watched such an intervention in Iraq, and voted for NATO to intervene in Libya.

It is the workers of the world that must rise up to stop any NATO intervention into Syria. Workers must insist that the Syrian people be allowed to decide who will govern their country. The trade unions must take action to bring down any government that insists on continuing with the intervention into Syria and turning it into a NATO invasion.