Businesses threaten to relocate before Brexit! Nationalise them and put them under workers’ management!


RESEARCH for the Institute of Directors showed yesterday that a third of UK businesses are considering moving abroad after Brexit. The IoD said that 16% already had relocation plans while a further 13% were actively considering doing so.

The IoD, after this blatant attempt to intimidate the working class into surrendering Brexit, then added that it took ‘no pleasure’ in revealing ‘these worrying signs’. Meanwhile, the number of UK companies that have expanded or moved operations to Brussels has doubled since the 2016 referendum, with between 95 and 100 companies moving to Brussels.

This is the capitalists’ programme to deal with the working class and its Brexit. It is to shift industries, businesses, banks and capital abroad and to hell with the UK working class, who are to be punished for voting ‘Leave’ and what the bosses regard as the Brexit ‘mutiny’.

The Tory bosses’ plan is to step up austerity, dish out some very heavy blows, such as encouraging galloping inflation, driving wages down, cutting benefits and wearing the masses down, to try and ‘persuade’ them into bowing to the will of the ruling class and the EU bosses and bankers.

However, all their attempts at breaking the revolutionary will of working class are having the opposite affect. Workers are now getting very, very angry. They have had ten years of savage cuts, with hospital departments axed, libraries shut, youth centres closed down, wages held down, with workers being paid very low wages so that they cannot pay landlords’ deposits and their rents and have to sleep on the streets.

This is happening not in Calcutta but in all of the main British cities. This is happening over 70 years after Labour brought in the ‘Welfare State’ to put an end to poverty for all time. It is now being comprehensively demolished!

The working class in the UK will not allow Brexit being used by the bosses to turn them into paupers, and to bring in conditions worse than the hungry 1930s. This is why Tory Health Secretary Matt Hancock has already admitted last week that the Tory government is considering the imposition of martial law and curfews in the event of a no-deal Brexit on 29th March.

Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat leader, asked in a Brexit debate in Parliament, anticipating a civil war situation: ‘At the end of last week, the Secretary of State for Defence put 3,500 troops on Brexit standby. Can she clarify what their rules of engagement would be in the event that they face angry and violent demonstrators, and would they be armed?’

The ruling class and its MPs can feel the rising tide of anger against them. Allister Heath wrote in Thursday’s Daily Telegraph a telling piece exposing the fact that the ruling class now face a precarious revolutionary situation.

He wrote that the ‘New Conservatives will have only their own arrogance and self-indulgence to blame if everything comes tumbling down.’ He added: ‘Today’s New Radicals are the new Roundheads, even though, unlike the original variety, they generally hold Parliament in contempt. The New Conservatives are the 21-century Cavaliers, but today’s bunch believe in the “divine right” of the supposedly meritocratic, virtual-signalling cultural elite – rather than that of the monarchy – to rule unchallenged.’

His piece was headlined, ‘Our decadent new elite can’t see that it’s sown the seeds of its own ruin.’ Today the right to rule of the ruling class is being directly challenged by the masses who demand a clean break with the EU, and are breaking with the bourgeois parliament as it seeks to smash Brexit, and, along with the bosses, ruin the country.

The working class will use it great power to make sure that the UK leaves the EU on March 29th. Those companies that threaten to close and move elsewhere must be occupied and put under workers’ management.

In fact, now is the time for the masses of workers to join the WRP, and to organise to quit the EU on March 29th, to expropriate the bosses and the bankers and to bring in a planned socialist economy and a workers state. This is the way forward. Join the WRP today to build the revolutionary party to see that this job is done!