Brown Favours Bush’s ‘New World Order’


CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown has spoken of the need for a ‘new world order’. He is not embarrassed that this is what President Clinton and then President Bush have been fighting for, allied to Prime Minister Blair, for the last 10 years.

The highlight of the Clinton-Blair collaboration was the 1999 NATO assault on Serbia to complete the Balkanisation of the Yugoslav workers state into seven states, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, with Kosovo waiting in the wings to be made independent of Serbia.

They destroyed Yugoslavia in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the retreat of the Red Army eastwards, to clear the way for NATO and the western Banks to drive the New World Order up to the borders of Russia and the Ukraine.

Growing bolder as the Stalinist bureaucracy disintegrated into an open bourgeois restorationist rabble, the next leap to reorder the world was made into Iraq in March 2003, by the US and the UK, in defiance of the UN.

It was like a tiger falling on a wounded animal who had been starved and weakened since 1990 by UN sanctions. The conventional military battle was easy. It was when the Iraqi masses rose up and came to grips with the occupiers that Blair’s dream of being the junior partner in the reordering (ie redivision) of the world turned into a nightmare.

The Iraqi insurgency and the hostility of the US and UK workers to the domestic policies of Bush and Blair tore the guts out of their respective governments.

However, the world crisis has now deepened. The dollar is falling, the prices of basic commodities are rising, while revolution is spreading all over the Middle East. In Palestine the masses have elected a Hamas government. In the Lebanon, the defeat of the Israeli army has brought down its commander and threatens to bring down the Olmert government. While in Iraq the insurgency is stronger than ever with the US now relying on a puppet government whose leaders spent the 20 years before March 2003 in Iran.

Bush thinks that the way out of this crisis is by deepening it, with an attack on Iran. Curbing Iran and Syria will force all of the others back into line, is the Bush reasoning. It is now being openly discussed in the Middle East that the attack on Iran could take place as early as April, begun by an Israeli tactical nuclear strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The US Congress has become so alarmed at Bush’s new projected military adventure that a group of Republican and Democratic politicians are pushing a resolution that Bush must not be allowed to attack Iran without a vote in Congress.

Meanwhile, Britain’s Premier in waiting, Brown, is making it clear that he stands with Bush.

When Labour cabinet member, Peter Hain, said that Labour must break from Bush and realign itself with the Democrats, Brown responded in India by saying: ‘I don’t accept that what America has tried to do has failed.’

If Bush makes the call in April, then both Blair and Brown will answer it. To make the matter crystal clear Brown said in India that he would not pledge to always seek UN approval before taking military action. It is to be March 2003 all over again!

Steeped in the cold war, Brown has spoken in India about the need to have a hearts and minds campaign to beat worldwide terrorism, by which he means the resistance to the imperialist reordering of the world.

He hailed his heroes of the ‘hearts and minds tactic’. They are Churchill, Reagan and Thatcher, three imperialist warmongers, for the way that they made ideological and political war on what they termed the ‘Evil Empire’.

Brown’s position is exactly the same as Blair’s position in his address to the armed forces in Portsmouth. Both support imperialism 100 per cent and its war to dominate the world.

With the capitalist slump deepening and the drive to war quickening, workers need a Brown premiership like a hole in the head. To prevent a new imperialist war they must bring down the Blair-Brown government and go forward to a workers’ government and socialism.