British Workers Win The Brexit Battle And There Is Much More To Come!


BRITAIN is leaving the EU, much to the consternation of Tory and Labour Party anti-Brexiteers who had been convinced that they would be able to force through a second EU referendum and remain in the EU despite the wishes of the working class.

In fact the majority of the ruling class was shaken to the core by the 2016 Brexit referendum result but thought that they would be able to overturn it and remain in the EU, giving two fingers to the working class.

The Brexit referendum result saw Tory MPs queuing up to oppose it, with the PM of the day, May, seeking to undermine it, while the judiciary made it clear where it stood when it ruled in a number of judgements that PM Johnson – who won the leadership of the Tory Party when May quit – would have to carry out EU law.

At the same time, the Tory anti-Brexiteers and the Labour and Lib Dem leaders organised a massive campaign that was supported by a number of billionaires, such as George Soros, to demand a ‘Second Referendum’ to reverse the decision of the First Referendum.

Millions of pounds were spent on the campaign, on mass demonstrations, with the non-stop picketing of the House of Commons, while bookies betted that it was only a matter of time before the First Referendum result was binned by a Second, that would put the working class back into its place once again.

This was the situation just before the 2019 general election was called.

In fact, the House of Commons voted for the then Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s motion on Tuesday October 31st to call a general election by 438 to 20.

However, 104 Labour MPs abstained on the motion while 127 voted for and 11 voted against. 54 Labour MPs signed an amendment to change the date of the general election from December 12th to January 7th 2020.

In fact, more Labour MPs voted against the election or abstained than voted for.

Labour’s right wing was opposed to workers voting in a general election, and put all their eggs into the basket of a Second Referendum that would cancel the 2016 referendum vote to leave the EU.

The last thing that they wanted was for the working class to decide!

In fact, Corbyn organised the Labour election campaign to include a Second Referendum, to allow the right wing to reverse the decision if the first, and workers who had supported him up to that point revolted and decided, especially in the North, to vote for Brexit, which meant voting for Boris Johnson.

It was this refusal to pledge that Labour would leave the EU and honour the 2016 referendum result that cost Labour millions of votes, and undermined and then led to the defeat of Corbyn, and reduced Labour to a right wing cabal that abstains on all major issues, or just votes with the Tories.

Johnson won the election thanks to millions of working class anti-Brexit votes, that allowed him to take the fight to the EU, and left him with no alternative but to push though Brexit or die of shame and surrender to the EU as May had done before him.

Britain will now leave the EU, but the working class has not yet said its last word. In fact it is gearing up for mass actions in the New Year.

This will come in the New Year, before and after the Tories present their March 3rd budget and seek to make the working class pay for the huge multi-billion borrowings and the vast expenditures that the Tories have been involved in to save British


Then we will see the revolution in its permanence, as workers hit back at the Tory attacks. The working class will not flinch from bringing down the Tories with a general strike and going forward to take the power and establish socialism.

For this task, the working class will need a new leadership. We urge the masses of workers and youth to join the WRP and the YS now, and build them into the revolutionary force that will lead the British socialist revolution.

This revolution will more than encourage the workers of the EU to take revolutionary action to bring down the EU of the bankers and the bosses and replace it with the Socialist United States of Europe which the UK workers will be more than willing to join!