British capitalism is preparing for war with Russia – its war drive must be smashed by a socialist revolution!


AS IS now well known, the British ruling class is forever beating the war drums against Russia, and is desperately encouraging the Ukrainian regime to carry on with its war against Russia, despite the massive losses that the Ukrainian armed forces are suffering.

Indeed, the British ruling class is in the midst of a desperate economic and political crisis itself with the Tory government disintegrating. It wants to slash the NHS and all workers’ benefits, desperate measures to try and revive British capitalism with the UK’s workers being pauperised to pay the bill.

As Britain’s economy sinks beneath the waves, not only is the UK ruling class encouraging the Ukrainian fascists to keep on fighting, it has been discussing introducing conscription at home, to force millions of youth into the armed forces to be the cannon fodder required because of the ‘inevitability’ of war.

But as the Daily Telegraph’s Defence Editor, Danielle Sheridan has confirmed, it is starting from a very low and pitiful position.

Sheridan writes in the Daily Telegraph that: ‘Britain could not fight Russia for more than two months, the Deputy Chief of Staff has admitted.’

The Defence editor quotes Lt General Sir Rob Magowan’s evidence to the Commons Defence Committee that ‘We need to send more money, above the programme of record, on what we call integrated air missile defence.’

Mark Francois, the former Armed Services Minister, put it to him that the UK ‘couldn’t fight Putin for more than a couple of months in a full-on shooting war because we didn’t have the ammunition and the reserves of equipment to do it.’ Sir Rob acknowledged that was true.

The House of Commons Defence Committee has found that Britain’s increasingly over-stretched armed forces are not ready for a war with Russia. It also found that the ‘weak army would not last two months against Putin’.

The report found that the government ‘will never achieve war-fighting or strategic readiness’ without urgent reforms to reverse the recruitment crisis, and would also need to dramatically boost Britain’s stockpile of weapons and ammunition.’

British capitalism is heading for a major crisis and a huge clash with the working class to make it cough up the billions of pounds that will be required to ready the UK’s armed forces for their Third World War with Russia.

The NHS, and what remains of the Welfare State, are to be plundered to pay the bill, and finance the war that the UK is getting ready to join in the Ukraine.

Such is the crisis of the major political parties over the state of their capitalist system, it is not out of the question that we will see a Labour-Tory coalition develop to dump the entire crisis onto the backs of the British working class, destroying its living standards – all to make Russia pay for the critical state of world capitalism.

There is no doubt that capitalism is heading for its greatest crisis ever, and that its death agony will be all the more brutal, if the working class is not prepared for the crisis that is developing.

The WRP calls on the trade unions to begin the organisation of a general strike to bring down the Tories before it can place the entire crisis onto the backs of the UK working class.

There must be an indefinite general strike called, to bring down any Tory, or Tory-led, regime that is planning to make the working class pay for the crisis, and to bring in a workers government and socialism by nationalising the banks and the major industries and putting them under workers’ control and management.

Only the Workers Revolutionary Party fights for this policy. Capitalism must be replaced by a world-wide socialist economy based on planning the development of the productive forces to satisfy the requirements of workers and youth – abolishing the super-exploitation of the working class for the benefit of the rich..

Only the WRP and the Young Socialists fight for this policy and perspective, to dump capitalism into the dustbin of history and replace it with a planned and nationalised socialist economy that will satisfy the requirements of the workers of the world.

Only the WRP and the Young Socialists, faced with the massive collapse of the capitalist system, are building the Fourth International in every country to bring in world-wide socialism and a society whose motto will be ‘from each according to their ability to each according to their need’. The only alternative to this perspective is a ‘return to the conditions of the 1930’s and the law of the jungle!