Bomb Gadaffi Out Of Power Urges General Richards


THE NATO war that was supposedly being waged to defend Libyan civilians must be stepped up and Libya’s infrastructure destroyed if Colonel Gadaffi is to be removed from power.

In his interview with the Sunday Telegraph, British military chief General Richards has confirmed what everybody already knew – the real war aim was and remains the removal of Colonel Gadaffi from power, and the destruction of the Libyan people’s chosen form of rule, through People’s Committees, so that counter-revolutionaries can be put into power who will hand over Libya’s oil wealth to the western powers.

The air onslaught started with the propaganda lie that if Gadaffi’s heavy weapons were destroyed on the ground, Libyan civilians would be safer and along with it the Benghazi-based counter-revolutionaries would sweep on to Tripoli since, as we were told, the mass of the people were with them.

In fact, the opposite was the case. Now six thousand bombing sorties later, Gadaffi remains entrenched in the majority of the country, with the support of the vast majority of the Libyan people, while the Benghazi counter-revolutionaries, who enjoy total air domination through their NATO airforce, have not been able to advance an inch.

But, as the air attacks have become more frantic, so the numbers of civilians killed by NATO has risen, with the latest slaughter being that of 15 imams in Brega, who had convened for a peace-making meeting, before proceeding to Benghazi to have the same meeting there.

NATO has now killed hundreds of civilians and wounded many more in Tripoli and all over western and southern Libya.

In Sunday’s interview, General Richards calls for a stepping up of the air war, to destroy Libya’s infrastructure, no doubt following on from the Iraqi ‘shock and awe’ mode of mass slaughter.

Such a tactic will kill tens of thousands of Libyan civilians, and will in fact strengthen Colonel Gadaffi and his leadership while earning the UK the hatred of hundreds of millions of people.

Evidently, seizing Libya’s oil is worth this scale of slaughter by generals, and a coalition government that considers that unless this is done the UK ruling class faces a defeat that will affect its economic and political standing throughout the entire planet.

Richards said on Sunday: ‘The vice is closing on Gadaffi, but we need to increase the pressure further through more intense military action. . .We now have to tighten the vice to demonstrate to Gadaffi that the game is up and he must go.’

He states: ‘The military campaign to date has been a significant success for Nato and our Arab allies, but we need to do more. If we do not up the ante now there is a risk that the conflict could result in Gadaffi clinging to power.’

These are the people who are still maintaining that the war is nothing to do with oil robbery via regime change and mass slaughter!

The general added: ‘The Prime Minister and I are on the same page. We are in total agreement that the only solution to this conflict is for Gadaffi to go.’

They are in total agreement that what was done to Iraq, a huge destruction of infrastructure and people, must be done to Libya.

The British trade unions must not stand by and just watch this happening. If the British ruling class is allowed to repeat the Iraq slaughter in Libya, then the reputation of the British trade unions will never recover from the shame of letting the coalition and the military do it.

The TUC and the TUC trade unions must tell the Tory-LibDem coalition that it is engaging in an illegal, oil-robbing, regime-changing slaughter of Libyan civilians, and that it must stop.

If the coalition will not halt the action, the trade unions must call mass protests, leading to political strike action and a general strike to prevent this projected mass murder in Libya.