After Johnson Refused To Sack Hancock, The Capitalist State Did The Job For Him!


BRITISH capitalism is in a desperate economic and political crisis that calls for truly desperate measures by the ruling class.

The use of the capitalist state is at the centre of these measures as the dumping of Health Secretary Hancock has just shown.

PM Johnson had refused to sack Hancock despite the fact that he had sent thousands to their deaths in the build up of the Covid-19 crisis, when he OK’d the transfer of patients from hospitals into care homes, despite the fact that there was no inspection system in place to ensure that they were Covid-free.

The consequences were that tens of thousands of care home residents were infected and died.

When Hancock survived this disaster and also the expenditure of colossal sums of money on failed Covid-19 measures, which however provided huge profits for some big business men and women, he must have assumed that he was invulnerable, and genuinely bullet proof, with Johnson as his guardian angel.

He reckoned without the capitalist state. Even the bourgeois media is aghast that the Health Secretary was filmed by a secret camera in his own office clinching with his girl friend, and breaking his own distancing rules. She in fact was an adviser who assisted in negotiating some of his failed and controversial NHS deals.

Even reactionary newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph are queasy that the Health Secretary was being spied on and that the intelligence agencies are policing and setting up politicians for the chop.

The PM has now been put in his place. Presumably, he has already checked whether there is a secret camera set up in in his Downing Street office and accommodation, collecting information on him that can be used to get rid of him when the time comes.

In fact capitalism is in a huge crisis and is heading for a major economic and political crash, meaning that the class struggle is set to enormously sharpen and that there will be battles that the ruling class cannot afford to lose. Leading this state attack on the working class will be the military and the police, as they did during the 1984-85 miners strike.

In fact, the capitalist state is readying itself for this clash. The Metropolitan Police has as Commissioner, Cressida Dick who won her spurs when she organised the shooting of an innocent man, Jean Charles de Menezes on the London Tube, without any comeback. In fact, her career has rocketed upwards.

She has presided over a force that has gone from being found to be ‘institutionally racist’ to being rated as ‘institutionally corrupt’. It is the perfect force for British capitalism.

The police are being trained. We have been through a series of trials in which it was proven that police officers were given the identities of dead children so that they could intervene in trade unions and protest groups, get cover by marrying innocent members of such groups and draw up a list of members, as well as suggest illegal actions.

The capitalist state is already creating its own ‘terrorists’ to enable them to fit up and jail large numbers of people.

The prospect for the UK is that when the economic crisis erupts with full force, the state will push through measures to make the working class pay for the crisis. It is at this point that the state will intervene with full force to maintain the established order through state terrorism on a massive scale.

The key to a socialist future is to resolve the crisis of leadership in the working class with the Labour Party and the trade union leaders on their knees.

Now is the time to build a mass Young Socialist movement of millions of youth as the basis of the mass revolutionary party of the WRP to smash UK capitalism and imperialism. The masses of youth in the WRP will mobilise the working class to smash British capitalism to take the power and bring in a socialist planned economy.

Central to the taking of power will be the complete smashing of the British capitalist state and all of its secret agencies that are used to maintain the rule and power of the UK ruling class.

Now is the time to join and build the revolutionary leadership of the WRP, to organise the British socialist revolution and the victory of the socialist revolution worldwide. This will consign capitalism to the museums and take humanity in a giant leap forward.