A desperate Israeli ruling class prepares to escalate the war into the Lebanon!


WHILE US president Joe Biden is desperately peddling a phoney ‘peace plan,’ in an effort to divert the massive tidal wave of anger sweeping America over US complicity in Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza, the Zionist regime is planning an escalation of the war into a war against Hezbollah in the Lebanon.

Hezbollah, a major part of the Axis of Resistance to the apartheid Israeli state, has been delivering attacks over the border with Israel in support of the Palestinians – attacks that it has vowed will continue until Israel ends the war in Gaza.

The missile attacks from Hezbollah and the tit-for-tat responses of the Israeli military have been downplayed by the imperialist nations. However recently Israel has intensified these attacks, with verified reports from the Human Rights Watch that artillery-fired white phosphorus shells have hit at least 17 areas in southern Lebanon, since October 2023.

The use of phosphorus weapons is outlawed under international law.

The situation on its northern border with Lebanon has delivered a massive crisis for an Israeli regime now fighting on at least two fronts. It is exposing the weakness of Israel, both militarily and politically.

Hezbollah has inflicted serious damage to Israeli settlements in northern Israel with an estimated 100,000 settlers fleeing, many vowing never to return.

The aura of Israel’s military invincibility suffered another shattering blow this week when Hezbollah announced it had launched a squadron of drones against Israeli military headquarters, with most of the drones evading the supposedly ‘iron dome’ provided by the US to try to make Israel invincible.

The complete inability of Israel’s military might to destroy Palestinian resistance in Gaza, and now its failure to dictate and impose its order on northern Israel has sent President Netanyahu into a frenzy.

On Wednesday Netanyahu toured the border with Lebanon, vowing ‘strong action’ against Hezbollah, after the Israeli army announced it was ready for ‘an attack on the north.’

Israel’s ultra-right wing national security minister Ben-Gvir wrote in a social media post, ‘They burn us here, all Hezbollah strongholds should also burn and be destroyed. WAR!’

Expanding the war into southern Lebanon, where Israel faces a heavily armed and trained Hezbollah, will set the entire Middle East ablaze.

This is the inevitable outcome that is frightening the daylights out of US President Biden.

The US State Department immediately insisted that Washington does not want to see a full-blown war and that it is trying to pursue a diplomatic solution.

There is no diplomatic solution and the Biden administration is being pulled into a catastrophic war by its own Zionist attack-dog in the Middle East, regardless of the consequences to international capitalist economies, as the oil-rich region explodes in a war that will bring the masses of the region into action, against the murderous Zionist occupation regime.

Biden has crippling problems at home, problems that damage his re-election hopes, as tens of thousands of youth and workers across America mobilise to surround the White House this Saturday against ‘Genocide Joe’ and the US complicity in the war crimes committed daily against Palestinians.

Also on Saturday tens of thousands will be demonstrating in London demanding an end to arming the genocidal Israeli regime and for an independent state of Palestine.

With Israel completely failing to crush Palestinian resistance, despite killing at least 36,586 Palestinians in Gaza, and in desperation preparing to extend the war into Lebanon, and throughout the region, the time has come for this massive workers and youth movement in the US, UK and Europe to take mass action.

The central demand of the demonstration in London, Washington and across Europe must be for the trade union leaders to end sitting on the sidelines and immediately call for general strike action to bring down their governments that support and arm genocide.

In Britain, the TUC must be forced to end its criminal silence and inaction over Palestine, and call a general strike to bring down the Tories, and bring in a workers government that will end all support for Israel, and that will provide all the support and arms required by Palestinians to establish the independent State of Palestine.