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The News Line: Editorial
MAY TO MEET TRUMP ON FRIDAY – TRUMP TO MEET THE QUEEN IN SUMMER! IT’S BEEN a lightning courtship. PM May is to meet Trump on Friday.
The News Line: Editorial
Right wing threaten to split Labour Party to try to halt Brexit! RIGHT-WING Labour MPs, with the enthusiastic support of the Tory press, are manoeuvring once again to split the Labour Party so that they can create a new right-wing political grouping alongside the Liberal Democrats, the SNP and pro-EU Tories.
The News Line: Editorial
Defend the NHS with a general strike! Nationalise the pharmaceutical industry! ONE in five new drugs will be rationed on the NHS under new plans to ‘save the health service money.’ This is the latest attempt to cut the throat of the NHS, denying drugs to patients on the basis that saving their lives is too expensive! Even cancer patients will be hit by this rationing, with some life-saving treatments denied because they are sold at many times the cost of production.
The News Line: Editorial
UK trade unions must support the Palestinian people and assist them to establish their state in 2017! PALESTINE Liberation Organisation (PLO) Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi told European diplomats on Tuesday that relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will be a disaster.
The News Line: Editorial
‘Remainer’ May gives the UK parliament the final say! PM MAY yesterday told a Lancaster House press conference of her government’s plan to quit the dictatorial EU and its Single Market.
The News Line: Editorial
Smash the anti-union laws with a general strike LAST Sunday fifty Tory MPs demanded the government bring in even more draconian laws aimed at breaking the growing strike movement that is gaining in momentum across the country.



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News Archive
Monday, 16 January 2017
Editorial: Take action to smash the ‘rigged’ capitalist system!
Saturday, 14 January 2017
Editorial: Steel workers must reject the Tata steel deal – vote ‘NO!’
Friday, 13 January 2017
Editorial: World Economic Crisis is driving the political crisis tearing US capitalism apart!
Thursday, 12 January 2017
Wednesday, 11 January 2017
Editorial: Corbyn is playing the May game!
Tuesday, 10 January 2017
Editorial: May reveals Tories fear of revolution
Monday, 9 January 2017
Editorial: Tories engineer NHS ‘humanitarian crisis!’
Saturday, 7 January 2017
Editorial: Bankers’ forecasts wrong again! New banking crash will ignite revolution!
Friday, 6 January 2017
Editorial: Call strike action to defeat Tory plans to destroy university system
Thursday, 5 January 2017
Editorial: Only Socialist Revolution can end inequality
Wednesday, 4 January 2017
Editorial: OECD warns of a global property prices crash
Tuesday, 3 January 2017
Editorial: Rail Companies ‘milking the system’ – Renationalise the Railways now
Monday, 2 January 2017
Friday, 30 December 2016
Editorial: JOHN KERRY’S LAST STAND! – derided by Netanyahu!
Thursday, 29 December 2016
Editorial: Obama regime collapses in chaos – as Syria peace battles to emerge!
Wednesday, 28 December 2016
Editorial: Forward to the Palestinian state!
Saturday, 24 December 2016
Editorial: Lecturers & students must strike to end all university fees and restore grants!
Friday, 23 December 2016
Editorial: Tory plans for their police state! Step too far even for EU Courts
Thursday, 22 December 2016
Editorial: PLO chief warns Trump don’t move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem!
Wednesday, 21 December 2016
Editorial: Anti-Russian campaign of the US and UK ruling classes leads to the assassination of Andrei Karlov!

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