Wrp Election Office Opens

WRP Election Committee Rooms opened in the busy Walthamstow market last Thursday
WRP Election Committee Rooms opened in the busy Walthamstow market last Thursday

WALTHAMSTOW’S WRP election premises were opened on Thursday evening to a loud cheer from campaigners and supporters who had gathered outside the shop.

Workers Revolutionary Party candidate Jonty Leff told the crowd: ‘John Reed wrote a book on his first hand experience of the Russian Revolution called “Ten Days That Shook the World”. We have four weeks and we are going to shake Walthamstow from top to bottom.

‘We are going to knock on every door, put posters in every shop, speak out on our megaphone, at the colleges, the fire stations, on the high streets at every opportunity.

‘There will not be a worker, student or youth in this borough that does not know what the Workers Revolutionary Party stands for, to end all university fees, no zero-hours contracts, to defend the NHS, end imperialist wars and for a future for young people. We want to recruit 1,000 members.

‘So we are going to be bold and audacious and spell it out to everyone we meet that there is no future under capitalism and that the only way to solve the massive crisis of health, education, housing and jobs is to nationalise the banks, the land, the industries and the services under workers control and a workers government and we need everyone to take part in this campaign.’

At the meeting inside the election rooms, Roseta Reves said: ‘Whipps Cross hospital has been in the news recently in a negative way and it should make us all worry because they are saying that the hospital is not functioning properly and they have put the Barts Hospital Trust into “special measures”.

‘I think that this spells it out for us that the closure of Whipps Cross Hospital could be in the pipeline.

‘We have to think that if it closes, how will that affect the residents of Walthamstow. Where will we go to get our treatment?

‘Already they have started to split up the services at Whipps Cross and we are the ones who are going to suffer.

‘We have to think about the children and the elderly, how far will they have to travel to get treatment?

‘Some patients are being sent to Barts. I am fighting for the Workers Revolutionary Party in this election. I believe that a workers government would be better because it will fight for working class people, keep services going and not cut our services.’