‘We’re here to stop the genocide!’ say UCL occupiers

UCL occupation tents. Students are calling on trade unions to act for Palestine

AROUND 50 students have occupied the entrance on the forecourt of University College London (UCL) since last Friday in protest at Israeli genocide in Gaza.

They set up 25 tents amid a heavy security lockdown at all entrances.
News Line spoke to several protesting students.
Anwar on behalf of the occupation said: ‘We are here to condemn the genocide and we are calling for three things.
‘One is for the university to divest from any company complicity in the genocide. Two, for the university to condemn genocide in Gaza by Israel.
‘Three, to pledge to reconstruct all the universities destroyed in Gaza.
‘We are going to remain here for as long as it takes and we will have no part in genocide.’
Amelia Cobb A UCL fine arts student said: ‘I support the demonstration because genocide is killing innocent people.
‘The UK is supporting and arming a genocide by Israel in Gaza.
‘It’s disgusting and it’s not acceptable.
‘Students generally support the trade unions so I think the trade unions should support students if attacked by the police like in the US.
‘A lot of trade union members can protect students on demonstrations.
‘Trade unions should take a general strike to kick out this government to stop the genocide.’
Adam Inya said: ‘I support the demonstration because its all about human rights.
‘The demonstration is calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. We are trying to stop the conflict and killing.’

  • Four Palestine supporters were arrested under the Terrorism Act for peace artwork at the UCL Encampment on Saturday.

Camden Friends of Palestine said yesterday: ‘Four of our activists were arrested today outside the student encampment in University College London, protesting for an end to the violence in occupied Palestine.
‘The police say they have been arrested under section 13 of the Terrorism Act, but their only crime was carrying an artwork depicting a universally recognised symbol of peace:
‘The recent period has already seen violent crackdowns around the student protests in the US and now we see this attempt to criminalise protest at the student encampments in London.
‘We cannot let symbols of peace and freedom be misrepresented as symbols of terrorism when the real terror is the genocide that is taking place.
‘It is clear that these arrests are politically motivated and intended to intimidate supporters of Palestinian liberation.
‘We demand their immediate release with no charges, and if they are not released by 10am on Sunday morning, we will be protesting outside Holborn police station until they are freed.’