‘We must come together to stop no-deal’ – says Labour leader Corbyn

Demonstrators on March 29th denouncing Parliament for refusing to leave on that date

‘WE MUST come together to stop no-deal. This week could be the last chance. We are working with other parties to do everything necessary to pull our country back from the brink, then we need a general election,’ Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said yesterday.

‘When a government finds itself without a majority the solution is not to undermine democracy, the solution is to let the people decide and call a general election. It is the people, and not an unelected Prime Minister, who should determine out country’s future. An election is the democratic way forward to give the people a choice between the two very different directions of our country.

‘… And in that election Labour will give the people a chance to take back control and have the final say in a public vote with credible options on both sides, including the option to remain.’

Former Labour leader Blair, notorious for taking Britain to war with Iraq, urged Corbyn not to call for a general election under any circumstances.

Blair said: ‘Boris Johnson knows that if no-deal Brexit stands on its own as a proposition, it might well fail.

‘But if he mixes up the Brexit question with the Corbyn question in a general election, he could succeed, despite a majority being against a no-deal Brexit, because some may fear a Corbyn premiership more.

‘Corbyn should see an election before Brexit is decided for the elephant trap it is.’

Earlier, PM Johnson let it be known that any MP who votes with the opposition will not be allowed to stand as a Tory candidate in the next general election.