Vestas Day Of Action!

Vestas workers and their supporters marching to a rally at the factory on Friday July 24
Vestas workers and their supporters marching to a rally at the factory on Friday July 24

‘We’re calling for a big turnout for our Day Of Action on Saturday,’ occupying Vestas worker Mark Smith told News Line yesterday.

Smith said the workers occupying the wind turbine blades manufacturer at Newport, Isle of Wight are determined to continue their struggle against the closure of the factory and the loss of 625 jobs.

He added that demonstrators will be assembling at 1pm at St Thomas’ Square, Newport on Saturday before marching to the factory.

Smith said: ‘Trade unions are coming on the march and hopefully we’ll have a lot of supporters from the island.’

He said that the occupiers have not been deterred by Tuesday’s court hearing when Vestas was granted a possession order.

He said: ‘Everybody is fine.

‘We are going to stick it out whatever happens.

‘Hopefully, the trade unions will take strike action if they try to evict us.

‘Our struggle is very important.

‘Millions of people are watching us.

‘If we win this, it will inspire them to take action too.

‘Workers need a lot more control, we need to stop all these big companies taking control.

‘We’re appealing to everyone to turn out on Saturday and next Wednesday to show their continuing support.

‘Despite the court case going against us on Tuesday, the support hasn’t waned, it’s still strong.’

Transport union RMT told News Line it is calling on its members to demonstrate their support for the Vestas workers on Saturday.

An RMT spokesman told News Line: ‘Many Vestas workers are our members.

‘The RMT is supporting the workers and is calling on everyone to do everything they can to save Vestas and the workers’ jobs.

‘RMT members will be joining the demonstration in Newport.’

Portsmouth Unison will be supporting the demonstration in Newport on Saturday,’ branch chair Jon Wood told News Line.

He continued: ‘Following the court decision allowing Vestas to seek repossession, it’s more important than ever that every trade unionist that can gets there on Saturday.

‘It would be good to see a few more trade union leaders at the factory.

‘We need action from the trade unions.’

Portsmouth CWU branch secretary Ruth Harris told News Line: ‘Our branch will be there on Saturday.

‘On behalf of my own local CWU Branch and the CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes we give our wholehearted support to the Vestas workers in Newport, in their continued campaign.

‘I have spoken on this matter at both CWU Regional and Divisional Meetings,and in the coming weeks the CWU will invite Vestas Workers to speak at CWU meetings as these are the people who can best explain this issue.’