Riot Police Put Down Migrant Uprising

Riot police attacking workers in Athens – the Greek state is very much bodies of armed men
Riot police attacking workers in Athens – the Greek state is very much bodies of armed men

RIOT police put down an uprising by immigrants imprisoned at Amygdaleza detention centre, near Athens, who rose up at around 10.00pm on Saturday night.

They set on fire mattresses and the cargo containers that are being used as their cells.

Fire brigade and riot police were called.

Greek police said yesterday that the revolt had been contained.

Detainees had set fire to their bedding and attacked guards while dinner was served at the facility northeast of the capital.

It followed an announcement that detention time would increase from 12 to 18 months.

Also, electricity had been cut because of maintenance work, leaving the containers, where around 1,700 migrants are held, without air conditioning.

Riot police used tear gas and stun grenades to quell the protest.

Police said at least 10 prison guards were injured, none of them seriously. It was not clear if any detainees were injured.

Some 1,500 are kept under guard at the Amygdaleza ‘closed hospitality centre’.

It is one of several facilities set up since last year by the Greek authorities to repatriate thousands of migrants in the country.

Human rights groups say migrants have been subjected to abuse by guards at the camps, and that they have been denied proper healthcare.

Last week, Muslim detainees were beaten during prayers, while an Afghan detainee died in July of an infection that had been ignored for months, according to the left-wing KEERFA movement.

It is thought that up to 95 per cent of undocumented migrants entering the EU arrive via Greece, and because border controls make it hard to continue into the rest of Europe, many end up stranded there.