PROSECUTIONS NOW! – demand Grenfell survivors

Grenfell campaigners demanding the Met police ‘prosecute now!’ those responsible for the tragedy – the same force is now in charge of investigating Downing Street

GRENFELL survivors and supporters marched in North Kensington on Tuesday evening demanding ‘Prosecutions now!’

‘Today we are changing our tone, we are demanding change, enough is enough!’ said Karim Mussily of Grenfell United to the over 500 marchers, four years and six months since the Grenfell Tower inferno.

He continued: ‘For four and a half years we have suffered and delayed justice to learn the lessons.

‘The evidence has been laid bare, Grenfell was no accident, the system isn’t broke, it was built this way.

‘Suspects have destroyed evidence, crime can’t be one rule for them and one for us.’

Before the march Ed Dafarn of Grenfell United, which represents the Lancaster West tenants, who forewarned of the disaster, told News Line: ‘For four and a half years we have been focussing on change and truth.

‘Tonight we want to bring the focus on justice.

‘For most of the bereaved and survivors this is the most important issue, seeing the perpetrators of the violence against us in court.’

Queenie Caz from the Grenfell Community campaign had just returned from a demonstration outside the Celotex factory in Ipswich.

She said: ‘We demonstrated outside their massive factory where they make the insulation and stopped all deliveries in and out for two and a half hours.’

Local resident Lex Quiambao said: ‘Those companies used cheap materials and cared nothing about safety at all, it’s all about money.’

Fakiya Alma said: ‘Those responsible should be thrown in jail and treated the way working class people are treated in jail.’

After the march, a short film was shown with survivors of the fire recounting evidence from the inquiry.

Chloe Waite for the Action for Fire Safety Justice addressed the rally, saying: ‘I am a leaseholder from Barking where hundreds of flats are covered in flammable cladding.

‘We demonstrated outside the builders, Bellway Homes in May, our campaign spiralled to 17 locations around the countryin June, repeated sales office protests forced Bellway to U-turn .

‘We are demanding “No more Grenfells”.

‘We want jail time for those responsible for the deaths of 72.

‘Kingspan, Celotex and Arconic all have blood on their hands.

‘In January we will take our protests to Norges Bank who invest in Arctic and Kingspan.’