Pm May Refuses To Debate!


LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn said in the House of Commons yesterday that workers ‘cannot trust’ PM May.

He spoke before the vote in the House of Commons to authorise the calling of a general election. It was 522 for and just 13 against. The Labour leader had told MPs that the Tories had ‘broken promises’ on the NHS and the deficit and ‘starved’ schools of money while cutting tax for the rich.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, Corbyn said he welcomed the prospect of an election but suggested that May’s U-turn on the issue and her record in government over the past seven years proved she could not be trusted.

He pointed out that the prime minister was not prepared to defend her record by taking part in general election TV debates. In the debate, Corbyn indicted the Tories’ record as one of falling wages, rising debt, increasing child poverty and an NHS that was in a ‘year-round crisis’.

‘Austerity has failed,’ he told MPs. ‘Over the last seven years, the Tories have broken every promise on living standards,, the deficit, debt, the health service and schools funding. Why should anyone believe a word they say over the next seven weeks?’

In response, May said she was ‘very proud’ of her government’s achievements, adding: ‘We will be fighting for every vote. While the right honourable gentleman (Corbyn) would bankrupt our economy, weaken our defences and is simply not fit to lead.’

• The Evening Standard reported yesterday that former Chancellor George Osborne – who is due to become its editor next month – will not be standing for re-election as MP for Tatton.

• ITV confirmed yesterday that it intends to proceed with a party leaders television debate in the run-up to polling day – with Tory leader May insisting that she has no intention of participating, opening the door to the prospect of an empty chair in the studio pointing out her refusal to face her opponents.