Occupy to stop Ealing closure

Thousands marched through Ealing on April 24 2013 to stop the closure of the Hospital
Thousands marched through Ealing on April 24 2013 to stop the closure of the Hospital

EALING Hospital workers, patients and visitors yesterday called for an occupation by the trade unions to stop the closure of the hospital’s A&E and Maternity Unit.

After getting rid of the Tory MP and electing a Labour MP in Ealing Central and Acton in the general election, people are aghast that the Maternity Unit is set to close by 1st July, to be followed by the Accident and Emergency.

Gauver Surkari, theatre sister and Unison member, told News Line: ‘Closure of the maternity is going to be a disaster. It’s already a disaster. They are already taking cases to West Middlesex Hospital, where the maternity is absolutely overwhelmed. I think this government has to be stopped. You call for an ambulance and no-one comes till two hours later – that’s never happened in this country before.’

Dr Shalaby said: ‘The population of Southall is double what is recorded, half the people in Southall are not registered, but they still need to come here. The figures used by “Shaping a Healthier Future” to justify closure are a massive underestimation. This hospital is overwhelmed with this population already. Northwick Park Hospital will not cope.’

Shabnaz Choudhry, a teacher and NASUWT member, said: ‘We have to stop the closure. My mum’s been to the A&E here. The waiting time was very long, but we knew we were in good hands.’

Veronique Bianconi, healthcare assistant and Unison member, said: ‘Closure of the maternity here is another way of letting the private companies take over. That’s what they want. It’s the extermination of our public care services and handing them over to private companies. The trade unions must fight to stop it.’

Belkis Bicer said: ‘We marched and we fought and we still have to fight. I would support an occupation to stop the closure.’

Dee Tunc said: ‘Maternity is the best unit. I had two babies here, it was brilliant. It’s a brand new unit. it must not close.’

Workers Revolutionary Party parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central and Acton, Scott Dore, said: ‘I was at the count and the tens of thousands of people who voted to kick out the Tories in Ealing were also voting to kick out their plan to close our maternity.

‘I stood on the policy of occupying and demanding the trade unions take action to stop the closure.

‘Closure is not acceptable and must be defeated. We must act and organise a trade union occupation now now!’