Missile Attack On Israeli Forces In Occupied Golan


THE SYRIAN army intercepted tens of incoming Israeli missiles and reciprocated the assault with a barrage of rocket attacks on Israeli military centres in occupied Golan, the first such response in decades.

Syria’s state news agency, SANA, reported on Wednesday night that the Syrian army’s air defence systems intercepted Israel’s missile attacks on the town of al-Ba’ath; Israel had also earlier targeted the town with artillery fire.

Meantime, al-Mayadeen news channel reported that over 50 rockets were fired at four Israeli military complex centres in occupied Golan, each including several military units, after Israel’s attacks on Quneitra. Other sources, including al-Alam news channel, also reported that the number of rockets fired at occupied Golan went to over 68.

It added that tens of Israeli military centres, including the command centre for technical and electronic tapping, the 9,900 secret border headquarters to collect visual intelligence, the military command centre for electronic warfare, the pin-pointing weapons watchtower, the regional command centre for the Israeli army unit 810, the military brigade command centre in Harmoun, the al-Shatawi centre of the Benastim winter warfare special unit, all came under attack.

Al-Mayadeen also said that the Israeli Iron Dome defence shield failed to intercept the rockets, adding that Tel Aviv has ordered troops to avoid disclosing any information about the target of the attacks.

Meanwhile, in occupied Palestine the Israeli army detained early yesterday Waad Tamimi, 21, brother of Ahed Tamimi, the youngest icon of the Palestinian popular protests, at his family’s Nabi Saleh home, north west of Ramallah, according to Waad’s father, Bassem Tamimi.

He said that a large force raided his home and detained his son without giving any reason for the arrest. Ahed Tamimi was 16 years old when the army detained her last year for slapping an armed soldier who raided her family home. She, and her mother, Nariman, who was also arrested for filming the slapping and posting it on the internet, were sentenced in April to eight months in prison.

Bassem Tamimi said confrontations broke out in the village following the army raid. There were no reports of injuries.