Greece – 24 Hour National Strike

Teachers at the march in Athens calling for ‘full pension and health rights’
Teachers at the march in Athens calling for ‘full pension and health rights’

Greek civil servants, teachers, local government and hospital workers took part in a 24-hour national strike on Wednesday, in defence of their pensions rights and against the government’s decision for zero wage rises this year.

The action was called by ADEDY, the public sector trade unions federation. Workers’ demonstrations and rallies took place in the capital Athens and in other large Greek cities.

In Athens some 2,000 workers marched to the Vouli (Greek parliament) chanting slogans against the government’s policies.

A contingent of Ministry for Culture casual workers demanded full employment and full rights for all.

They had planned mass picketing for yesterday and today of the Acropolis and other archaeological sites and museums.

In the port of Piraeus, workers marched against the privatisation of the containers sector of the port to the Chinese state company COSCO; next week port workers will stage a three-day-strike.

For the first time in several years the GSEE (Greek TUC) did not join ADEDY in joint action.

In the last few weeks the GSEE bureaucrats have been holding talks with both the government and the bosses while refusing to call mobilisations despite mass sackings and the expansion of casual labour.

The reformist ADEDY leaders called a token strike so as to be seen to be resisting the government’s plans.

That was clear in the organisation of the strike and the ADEDY leaders’ speeches. The Greek Communist Party organised their own separate marches.