General Strike For Palestine!

Yesterday’s Al-Quds Day march on its way from the Home Office to Downing Street demanding an end to the Israeli genocide

YESTERDAY, on Al- Quds Day, thousands of people took to the streets of London in a powerful march orchestrated by the Justice for Palestine Committee, voicing their demand for an immediate ‘end to genocide and apartheid’.

Supporters assembled outside the Home Office in the afternoon and marched to Downing Street in a powerful display of solidarity with Gaza where the Israeli regime continues to wreak havoc by indiscriminate bombing, starvation, shooting, maiming and kidnapping.

These are only some of the many illegal and continuing offences against Palestinians.

News Line spoke to 20 year old English Literature student Mubarak Ali, who also attended last year’s Al-Quds day march and several Palestine rallies over the last six months.

‘I am here because this year’s Quds Day is much more painful than any other prior to it.

‘In the month of Ramadan, against International Law, the state of Israel bombs human beings, destroys their lives and dignity, and that should shake anyone’s humanity, no matter your religion or race.

‘This is not just a fight for Palestine anymore, in fact all of humanity itself is on trial in the face of this genocide unfolding in real time before our eyes.

‘We will continue to turn out, whether they like it or not. This will stop when the genocide stops and when real justice happens for our brothers and sisters in Gaza.’

Primary school teacher Rukaiya, 34, attended the march with her husband and six year old son.

‘As a parent, this deluge of images of Israeli brutality against children ranging from a few days old to young adults does something horrible to all of our brains.

‘None of us are okay with what is happening. This genocidal Netanyahu government and their friends should not only be removed from power but tried in a Nuremberg like trial and made to pay for their crimes.’

Annually, Quds Day serves as an international occasion for showcasing solidarity with Palestine and opposing Israel’s control over Palestinian lands, with large gatherings typically occurring after Friday prayers.

Established by Ruhollah Khomeini in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Quds Day was intended to affirm support for the Palestinians and denounce the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, evolving into a global emblem of defiance.

This year, on Quds Day, Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement describing the day as a beacon of ‘global unity’.

It further criticised the United States and Western countries for their support of Israel in the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Scheduled each year on the last Friday of Ramadan, Quds Day coincides with the holy month where Muslims engage in a fast from sunrise to sunset, occurring in the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar calendar.

According to the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) in the United Kingdom, ‘the Metropolitan Police has overstepped its bounds by targeting pro-Palestine demonstrators with undue legal action.’