Corbyn Attacks ‘No Deal’ Brexit At Tuc Conference!

The 60-strong lobby of the YS/WRP lobby of the TUC Congress in Brighton demanding the TUC call a general strike to leave the EU and for a United Socialist States of Europe

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn made a ‘project fear’ speech at the TUC in Brighton yesterday, in which he described a No-Deal Brexit as a ‘Trump Deal Brexit’.

Corbyn claimed: ‘A reckless No-Deal would destroy jobs, push up food prices in the shops and cause shortages of everyday medicines.’

Warming to the theme, he claimed: ‘They will use a No-Deal crash to push through policies that benefit them and their super-rich supporters and hurt everyone else – just as they did after the financial crash.

‘Under the cover of No-Deal they will sell off our public services, strip away the regulations that keep us safe, and undermine workers’ rights.

‘And they will cement all of this in a race-to-the-bottom trade deal with Donald Trump.

‘Be in no doubt – a No Deal Brexit is really a Trump Deal Brexit,’ he claimed.

‘I am not prepared to stand by and let that happen,’ he insisted.

He went on: ‘A Trump Deal Brexit would be a betrayal of the generations of workers who went before, who fought so hard to win the rights and build the public services that bind our society together.’

In an open betrayal of the EU referendum result, as well as the Labour Party 2017 election manifesto, Corbyn insisted: ‘Our priority is first to stop No-Deal and then to trigger a general election.’

He went on: ‘So a general election is coming. But we won’t allow Johnson to dictate the terms …

‘And in that election we will commit to a public vote with a credible option to Leave and the option to Remain.’

But as Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell made clear to the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Leave would not be on the ballot paper, just a re-hash of ex-PM May’s ‘Brexit in name only’ Withdrawal Agreement.

Corbyn then moved on to Labour’s plans for an EU-style corporatist programme, hobbling the trade unions, tying them to the state and turning their members into ‘shareholders’.

Corbyn continued: ‘We’ll give workers a seat at the Cabinet table by establishing a new Ministry of Employment Rights …

‘We will put workers on company boards, and give the workforce a 10% stake in large companies paying a dividend of as much as £500 a year to each employee …

‘I want to thank all the unions that are working with us, to develop our new model of public ownership.’

He was crystal clear stating: ‘We’re not recreating the nationalised boards of the past, we’re creating the democracy of tomorrow.’

Corbyn also said he would introduce a ‘real living wage’ of at least £10 an hour, abolish the anti-union laws within 100 days of a Labour government coming to power and ‘not make people work until they are 75 before getting a pension.’

However, such pledges can easily be dropped if Labour forms a coalition government as McDonnell recommended on Sunday, with its anti-Brexit colleagues in the House of Commons – the LibDems, ScotsNats, Greens, Plaid Cymru and anti-Brexit Tories.