Campaign saved lives!

Section of the 50-strong mass picket yesterday celebrating news that the A&E at Ealing Hospital has been saved, demanding the re-opening of the maternity & children’s wards – Binda Dhol Master, Harbinder Singh playing the dhol drum joined the picket

‘THIS CAMPAIGN is a life saver!’ Devinder Bhambra told News Line on the mass picket of Ealing Hospital yesterday morning to celebrate the news that the A&E has now been saved and to demand the maternity services and children’s ward be re-opened.

Devinder, who has been campaigning for years with the West London Council of Action, continued: ‘If we had kept quiet, then they would have shut the A&E and people would have died and lots of people’s jobs would have been lost.

‘We have been campaigning outside this hospital every week and at times every day and some people said to us we are wasting our time and we will never win. We have proved them wrong.

‘Today is a great day and we are celebrating. Now we will fight even harder to re-open the children’s ward and maternity ward.’

The 50 strong picket shouted: ‘Victory for the A&E! We saved the A&E now re-open maternity!’

The picket was joined by Binda Dhol Master, Harbinder Singh who played the dhol drum. The picket erupted into cheers and dancing, celebrating the fact that the Tories have been driven back over the A&E closure.

Malik Othman said: ‘The West London Council of Action has fought hard, we have done a good thing. This means that everyone must come together and keep hospitals open everywhere.

‘We have done everything, marched, demonstrations, we occupied the maternity for a week, we have been here outside the hospital every day, every week for years.

‘It shows that if you never give up, you will win.’

Gurminder ‘Gums’ Thiara, a Unite bus driver said: ‘It is good the A&E is staying open, now we need the children’s ward and maternity re-opened as well.

‘They closed maternity in 2015. We need to keep up the campaign, keep up the good work, keep the fight and spread the word that if we stick together we can make a change.

‘Our union needs to spread the word between all of the bus garages and take action to re-open the wards.

‘This government is a shambles. When I look at this Parliament, they act like kids in a playground. Theresa May must go.

‘The nurses’ and doctors’ unions need to take action as well. They need to put their foot down.’