Bus Workers Support General Strike

JONTY LEFF, Hackney South and Shoreditch WRP election candidate, got great support from bus drivers at Hackney Central Bus garage

‘WE HAVE to do 12-hour split shifts here and it really affects our family life,’ Unite bus driver Andreas Almeida said yesterday while giving his full support to the WRP’s Hackney South and Shoreditch candidate Jonty Leff.

‘The last successful strike we had in the buses was during the Olympics. Now there are so many different unions that it is difficult to bring everyone together.

‘There has to be a real fight to ensure we are not doing unsafe hours otherwise drivers could get so tired there could be an accident.

‘I am voting for Jonty Leff because I agree with the call for a general strike.’

Campaigning in Hackney Central Olu Olamide said: ‘I am pleased to finally meet a party which I agree with. All these politicians are only in it for their own reasons.

‘They do not care about you or me. They live in a different world and we hardly see them except for election time and even then some hide away.

‘I will support this party because I work as a carer for the NHS and we need more staff, more beds, more doctors and nurses and more funding.

‘I don’t want private companies anywhere near the NHS, but rather than keep our services, the NHS keeps employing private contractors

‘I work directly for the NHS and that is the best way.

‘Agencies just take all your wages and move you from hospital to hospital.

‘I also believe in Brexit. We all voted and we want it carried out. They have had more than three years and they have done nothing about it.

‘I agree with the WRP that we should break now, as a deal can take years and years. I will vote WRP in this election, I have voted Labour all my life, but this time I am going to vote WRP.’