There have been a series of massive demonstrations in London in support of Palestine
There have been a series of massive demonstrations in London in support of Palestine

THE PCS trade union responded to the breakdown of the ceasefire in Gaza with a declaration that ‘We support the trade unions enforcing a total arms and trade embargo on Israel’.

Israeli warplanes struck multiple targets across the Gaza Strip yesterday morning after the 72-hour ceasefire ended at 8am, killing a 10-year-old boy and injuring many others.

Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said Ibrahim Zuheir al-Dawawseh, 10, was killed and five others injured in an Israeli strike on a mosque in the Sheikh al-Radwan neighbourhood of Gaza City.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhum said: ‘All the Palestinian factions, including Hamas, have agreed not to renew the ceasefire because (Israel) is refusing to accommodate our demands.’

The PCS spokesman told News Line: ‘The policies of Israel to oppress the Palestinian people in Gaza is an absolute disgrace, a travesty, and must be stopped immediately.

‘Like most trade unions, we are fully signed up to the boycott campaign, we encourage people to boycott Israeli goods and also encourage a cultural boycott.

‘We support the boycott and disinvestment campaign. Israel should lift the blockade of Gaza and stop killing children.’

The TUC stated: ‘We are appalled that UK-manufactured military equipment may be being used in the attack on Gaza, and join Amnesty International, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and others in calling for the suspension of UK arms sales to Israel.’

RMT Acting General Secretary Mick Cash commented: ‘RMT is mobilising our members in support of the people of Gaza.

‘Our union has a clear policy for the boycott of Israeli goods as one of the ways that we can register our outrage and horror at the massacre that has been unleashed on the Palestinian people.

‘The images and reports that we have seen and heard are just pure butchery of innocent people who stand no chance against the arsenal of weapons supplied to the Israeli forces by our government, the Americans and others around the globe who have blood on their hands.

‘Trade unions have a key role to play in harnessing and mobilising the opposition to the massacre in Gaza and that is exactly what we are doing.’

Millions are marching around the world in support of Palestine this weekend, including tens of thousands in London, marching from BBC Broadcasting House, past the American Embassy, to Hyde Park Corner.

Dave Wiltshire, Secretary of the All Trades Unions Alliance, told News Line: ‘Hamas has stood up to Israel and inflicted a defeat on it.

‘Hamas’ determination to fight has also unhinged the Tory government with the resignation of Baroness Warsi and the position of Deputy Prime Minister Clegg that arms supplies to Israel should be suspended.

‘It is time for the trade unions to act not just talk. The TUC Congress is in September. It must bring in a total boycott of Israel.

‘It must also stop equivocating about calling a general strike. Now is the time for the TUC to be made to act. The way to assist the Palestinians is to bring down the Cameron government, one of Netanyahu’s main props in Europe, with a general strike!’