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The News Line: Editorial CAMERON DECLARES WAR ON THE YOUTH! THE PM has said that people under the age of 25 are to lose their right to housing benefit, as part of moves to cut the welfare bill.

This arrogant class war action, if allowed to be carried out, will condemn hundreds of thousands of young people to live on the streets, or force them to stay with their parents, if the latter are willing, wrecking their lives so that a ‘normal’ development of marriage and having a family will be out of the question.

This plan, outlined in the Mail on Sunday, is an attempt to restore the workhouse conditions and mentality of the 1930s with a vengeance.

Cameron notes that scrapping Housing Benefit will save a ‘fortune’, £2bn a year, no doubt already pencilled in to be handed over to the banking plutocracy.

In his interview, Cameron seeks to mobilise working people who cannot exist on their current wages after years of wage freezing and inflation, against the unemployed, stating that he wants to stop those who are working from feeling resentment towards people on benefits. This is an insult to the intelligence of the employed, who know that there are no jobs for the workless!

The real message from the ruling class is to the youth. It is that ‘we’ are going to see that you cannot have homes, cannot have families, and that you will work as slave labour, all to rescue bankrupt bankers and the bankrupt capitalist system from its crisis.

It turns out that the company that made youth workers come to london to work for the Jubilee, who were not paid for it and who had to sleep and change under bridges, is just a foretaste of what is to come.

Cameron is insisting that the £70-a-week dole money for the unemployed who refuse to ‘try hard’ to find work or produce a CV will be stopped, and that ‘workshy claimants’ must do community work after two years or lose their benefit.

This plan is really aimed at those who are working. Millions forced to work for £70 a week will allow the bosses to slash workers wages, and drive workers into the gutter. The employed and the unemployed have the same interest in fighting the Tory drive to the bottom.

Cameron said, in the Mail interview, that the existing system was sending out ‘strange signals’ on working, housing and families, namely that the Welfare State, allows the unemployed subsistence money and a roof over their head!

In fact, Cameron and co are sending out a signal that the vast majority of the working class and the middle class can understand at once.

This is that they are to be economically smashed so that a bankrupt and failed capitalist system, which cannot stand on its own two feet and deserves to be scrapped, can be saved by the bankers and bosses being handed billions, stolen from the working class, to save a ruling class that should have left the scene of history a century ago.

Capitalism has proven to be a dead man walking, it has no intrinsic strength, and is unable to survive without massive and continuing state aid. It conspires to rob the masses, while in reality it is in its last days awaiting its gravedigger, the working class, making up its mind that a speedy burial is necessary.

The News Line urges workers, youth and the trade unions not to tarry, but to rise up to organise a general strike to bring down the Coalition and bring in a workers government and socialism.

What is required to see this task through is the building up rapidly of the WRP to lead the struggle for workers power and socialism. Join the WRP today!



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