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The Workers Revolutionary Party-Young Socialists contingent marching on May Day for what workers want – a general strike to bring down the government and create conditions to bring in a workers government
CHANCELLOR Osborne yesterday said he will take the Tories’ local elections disaster ‘on the chin’, as his own MPs were calling for his and Cameron’s heads.

MP Nadine Dorries warned Cameron that he will be kicked out of office by his own MPs within the next year unless he ‘dramatically’ changes the party’s policies.

MP Nadine Dorries warned Cameron that he will be kicked out of office by his own MPs within the next year unless he ‘dramatically’ changes the party’s policies.

Dorries described Cameron and Osborne, as ‘dangerous’, saying they were leading the Tories ‘towards defeat’ at the next general election.

She slammed Cameron’s ‘sneering’ attitude and claimed discussions among Tory MPs about introducing a motion of no-confidence against their leader were already taking place.

Dorries told BBC’s Stephen Nolan Programme: ‘A year from now we have bigger local elections and unless we change dramatically what we are doing now we could see even bigger losses.

‘The (Tory) MPs in the House of Commons will not sleepwalk towards a next general election like Labour MPs did and watch their seats disappear because of bad policy.’

During her outburst, Dorries added: ‘I don’t have anything against anyone who is posh. What I do have though is a problem when arrogance is mixed with privilege and you throw bad manners into the mix; I think that is a pretty dangerous combination.’

On Wednesday, the coalition will outline its legislative agenda for the next year in the Queen’s Speech.

Shadow foreign secretary, Labour’s Douglas Alexander, called for ‘practical steps’ in the Queen’s Speech to ease the burden on living standards, such as caps on rail fare rises and employment guarantees for young people.

But he said the government was likely to offer ‘more of the same’ and was ‘confusing stubbornness with strength’.

Meanwhile, newly re-elected London Mayor Boris Johnson, with a much narrower majority than expected told, a post-election party: ‘We survived the rain, the BBC, the Budget – and the endorsement of David Cameron.’

• Cameron and a News International parent company, News Corporation senior executive had a secret meeting in 2009 which reveals the true extent to which the British prime minister has engaged with Rupert Murdoch’s empire, the Independent on Sunday alleged yesterday.

According to the paper, Cameron met with José Maria Aznar, the former prime minister of Spain and a non-executive member of the News Corp. board, in early November 2009 as Murdoch was preparing to bid for BSkyB.

The meeting was arranged by the head of public affairs for News Corp., Frederic Michel, now at the centre of the scandal around Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Former News of the World editor, and later 10 Downing Street media chief Andy Coulson, and former News Internatonal executive Rebekah Brooks, who allowed Cameron to ride her horse which was on loan from the Met police, are expected to appear before the Leveson Inquiry into press standards this week.


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