THE Iraqi Ba’ath Party has issued a communique warning that the execution of Saddam Hussein is a red line that must not be crossed.

The statement reads: ‘Now that Tony Blair has admitted that his policy in Iraq was the biggest disaster in the modern history of Britain, repeating what former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said, we find that the USA is defining the course of its defeat and humiliating departure from Iraq with a series of measures, tactics and criminal steps which are not less harmful and bad than the invasion and destruction of Iraq.

Considering Iran to be a main partner in solving the problem of Iraq and involving Syria in this dangerous game, categorically proves that America wants to increase the suffering of the Iraqis and add fuel to the already raging Iraqi fire.

This is because America knows that Iran is not only its partner in the invasion and destruction of Iraq, but is also a regional party that has known ambitions in the land of Iraq and the Arabs in general.

It also knows that the Persian leaders, led by Khamene’i, are a dangerous enemy of the Arabs, which had practised this enmity before the foundation of America and Israel and had a dangerous, destructive role in toppling the Arab Islamic caliphate.

What makes America call on Iran and Syria to cooperate in solving the problem of Iraq? There are many reasons for this development, including the following:

1. It is likely that America is getting ready to execute leader President Saddam Hussein, may God grant him release, as is evidenced by developments inside and outside Iraq, such as the mass escape of agents from Iraq, who know that serious incidents are imminent, and the orders issued by the Iranian Intelligence to its elements in Iraq to get ready for big incidents there.

What America wants is to blame this criminal act on Iran in order to fan the flames of conflicts and deepen the schism between the Arabs and Persians on the one hand and to remove the traces of that crime from the US public eye, on the other.

2. The postponement, on the open orders of Iran, of the General Conference of the Arab Parties, which was scheduled to be held in Lebanon on 13 November. The aim is to exclude the Arab nationalist and Islamic forces from the effort to confront the US decision to execute an Arab leader and fighter, who was imprisoned because he refused to give in to the colonialist and Zionist policies. It was claimed that the conference was postponed because of the Lebanese domestic situation! What is most striking and embarrassing to the conferees is the fact that the postponement of the conference, unfortunately for them, coincided with a call by the Arab League for an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers to discuss the serious situation in the occupied Palestinian territories!

This raises a big question mark over the nature of those elements, which stood behind the postponement or remained silent over what is happening, so much so they did not even issue denunciatory statements.

The statement issued in the name of struggler Al-Sufyani, secretary-general of the Pan-Arab Conference, in which he condemned the death sentence against the president, came after the refusal to issue a statement in the name of the General Secretariat of the Conference!

Has the condemnation of the occupation policy become an act that is subject to interpretation – especially since the one whom the occupation wants to liquidate is the organiser and leader of the Iraqi resistance?

Has the Arab League become more nationalist, more progressive and more sensible to pan-Arab and Islamic responsibility than those silent members of these conferences although they (conferences) condemn the Arab League and accuse it of negligence or treason?

Those who remained silent announced in a loud voice that they have no connection whatsoever with the Arab nationalist movement and that, if they are real nationalists, then they are hostage to grudges placing them in the line of those who carry out US orders.

3. It was also noticed that there was an attempt to shuffle cards in Iraq to pave the way for forthcoming incidents. These include the provocative decision to arrest Shaykh Harith al-Dari, secretary-general of the Association of Muslim Scholars, who is a nationalist Iraqi figure resisting the occupation.

The only explanation for the timing of this decision is the direct involvement by the agents of Iran, at the urging of America, in further complicating the situation in Iraq.

4. The US threat, particularly the statement of John Abizaid, that America might be forced to engage in a third world war because of what he called terrorism! This threat is not intended to ignite a world war, because this war has already been raging since the 30-state aggression against Iraq in 1991.

It is rather meant to prepare the world for forthcoming serious incidents in Iraq and Palestine. America wants to disavow its responsibility before the US public.

5. The fabricated escalation and tension in Lebanon, which is timed to take place before and with the approach of decisive moments in Iraq, notably the imminent process of liberation, to conceal the Iraqi incidents and divert the attention of the Arab masses from Iraq to the Lebanese arena. This is despite the fact that, from a pan-Arab and strategic perspective, Lebanon is an arena of secondary conflict.

The Arab and Islamic focus on Iraq, not Lebanon, is an urgent nationalist, pan-Arab and Islamic demand in order to reveal what is happening in Iraq and allow the Arab masses to exercise pressure on America and Iran by announcing their support for, and solidarity with, the Iraqi people and their armed resistance in these decisive historical moments, which will decide the fate of the entire nation, chiefly the fate of Palestine.

The tactic of preoccupying the Arab masses with a secondary incident, such as the Lebanese crisis (deliberately exaggerated in order to conceal the major event, which is the progress of the armed revolution in Iraq) is a tactic to which we are accustomed, and which no longer prevents us from seeing what is sought to be concealed, although it is intelligently exercised by the two allies, America and Iran, which are competing for influence and trophies in the Arab region.

They were behind the destructive Israeli aggression against Lebanon, which aimed to conceal the incidents in Iraq and beautify the ugly face of Iran as a result of its main role in invading and destroying Iraq.

6. There is a US effort, through Arab Intelligence services, to activate the role of tribal leaders from Al-Anbar, who are known for their dealings with the occupation against the Iraqi national resistance.

The aim is to dry up the popular support for the resistance and create schisms among the masses that support the resistance as a prelude to the forthcoming incidents which America and Iran want to take place amid a national Iraqi confusion, splits, and a misunderstanding of what is going on.

7. The escalating exchange of accusations between America and Iran to draw the Arab masses’ attention towards Iran and draw a misleading picture of Iran, in which it will look as if it is resisting America, thus making it difficult for the Arab nationalists to attack Iran and reveal its dangerous role in Iraq and elsewhere, although it was and still is the first and most dangerous ally to America in Iraq!

The series of US threats to Iran is old, dating back to Khomeini’s assumption of power when he came on board a US plane. These threats will not turn into a major confrontation, as evidenced, among other things, by the US call on Iran to play a role in solving the problem of Iraq, although America knows full well that Iran is part of the problem, not the solution.

It also knows that the overwhelming majority of the people of Iraq are against Iranian colonialism, just as they are against US colonialism. Therefore, the remaining fact is that America, through its media campaign against Iran, wants the latter to play a more dangerous role in Iraq, which is to activate its elements and involve more of its followers in bloody acts of murder in Iraq, which America wants to have predominance over the goal of fighting the occupation.

With this tactic, America, because of its despair, expects the Iraq liberation battle to turn into sectarian sedition, through which it can defeat the resistance and end its disastrous situation in Iraq. From a US perspective, this goal can only be achieved through Iran.

8. Our party reiterates that any regional interference, be it foreign or Arab, in the Iraqi affairs is nothing but a US-Iranian Trojan horse to infiltrate Iraq and its resistance and to contain the repercussions of the defeat inflicted on America and Iran.

The people of Iraq, led by their armed resistance, are able to run their country by themselves and are able to complete the process of defeating America and its occupation.

Therefore, they do not need Arab or foreign interference. On the contrary, they consider it the interference to be a new conspiracy to abort the revolution after it reached the threshold of decisive victory.

All this is happening and being implemented because America and Iran believe that changing the course of the armed Iraqi revolution is possible and that there is an opportunity to salvage the US and Iranian plan in Iraq and the region.

What they failed to notice is the fact that the people of Iraq are unified and steadfast behind their armed revolution and nationalist symbols, led by the imam of the mujahidin, President Saddam Hussein.

Therefore, it should be stressed that these US-Iranian tactics, no matter how harmful, will reach a dead end, just as the occupation itself has reached the point of collapse.

Our party reiterates that the Iraqi resistance, not America and the agents, was and still is the force controlling the Iraqi arena and imposing the conditions and main courses of fighting.

The US and Iranian occupation forces have been defeated and will not be able to change this strategic situation, no matter what they do.

The next weeks will witness the launching of decisive strikes against the occupation, which will put Iraq on the path towards driving the occupation out and establishing the free nationalist front government.

Our party reiterates its warning to the US administration against the consequences of carrying out the death sentence against the president, because that is not only a red line, but also the biggest red line.

We do not make threats, but rather act. If America commits this crime, many American heads will roll, and so will the head of Khamene’i, because America and Iran are directly responsible for what is happening in Iraq.’