NATO kills 2,000 civilians in a week – says Musa Ibrahim

A demonstrator holds a detailed placard at a picket outside Downing Street earlier this year
A demonstrator holds a detailed placard at a picket outside Downing Street earlier this year

COLONELl Gadaffi’s spokesman Musa Ibrahim spoke to Damascus-based Al-Ra’y TV at 2014 gmt on 22 September.

He said: ‘NATO is playing a very dirty political game with the Libyans. It did so by suggesting that it would stop its blatant aggression against civilians after a global outcry against the outrageous massacres it committed in the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid where it killed hundreds of people.

‘In fact the number of civilians killed has reached 2,000 in the course of just one week…Between yesterday and today, over 151 people were killed in their own houses, where they thought they were safe. These were not even people in the streets or on checkpoints or in defensive or offensive positions. These were people killed and slaughtered in their bedrooms and houses. Most of them were martyred while they slept.

‘This is the biggest proof for all those who are blind and cut off from the truth and have lost touch with reality that NATO did not enter Libya in order to protect civilians or to stand with a movement for political reform or to put forward a democratic agenda.

‘It entered Libya to rule and control Libya and to use Libya for its colonial projects. The Libyans who have sought help from this alliance are traitors and collaborators and have lost any relation they may have had to Libya. They are cut off from this nation and this country. They are part of the conspiracy which has fabricated alleged crimes which we are said to have committed against our people.

‘On the contrary, our people came out in their millions on marches in the streets and neighbourhoods to express their patience and steadfastness over many many months against the biggest powers of evil in the world. This is the biggest proof that the conspiracy has been exposed and now every sane person should take an informed and understanding position and not a position of ignorance.

‘In Sabha, like on other fronts, there is a coordinated assault by NATO and NATO gangs to take control of this pure city. As usual, they wait until NATO strikes and causes death, destruction and panic, then they advance under NATO cover, because they are people with no patriotism, bravery or manners. This is another proof that we put forward for the fact that they do no represent a popular movement, for if they did enjoy popular support then they would use this to advance and free, as they put it, Libyan cities…

‘They advance under NATO bombardment, they enter part of a city, like gangs or thieves do, and then they are expelled from this part. They may even enter an airport, but will then be repelled.

‘The resistance from Sabha is coming from the noble tribes of Sabha and from the tribes of Fazzan. Fazzan is the geographical region which constitutes most of the south of Libya, and Sabha is the largest city in this region.

‘The resistance against these gangs is strong, it is successful and it is winning. Of course, NATO bombing is the only thing which gives these gangs any chance of staying in Fazzan or advancing, but Sabha is still steadfast. The same news, or perhaps even better news, applies to Bani Walid, where the gangs were defeated for the twentieth time and they were not able to advance onto the city. The city was purified of some spies and collaborators and many were captured. In Sirte also, our brave forces still perform the duty of defending this city. In Sirte, and this is something that I want you to concentrate on, because it is very very dangerous, the people are facing an unprecedented genocide, and I personally hold all politicians, journalists, learned people and those with free consciences in Libya, the Arab world and the world responsible for Sirte.

‘Sirte is being bombarded from the sea, from the air and from the NATO gangs. Their bombardment is random, the goal of which is not to destroy Libyan military installations but to spread panic and fear among the families of Sirte so that they will surrender. As for the NATO gangs, their tactics can be traced to tribal and regional grievances fed by tribal rivalries.

‘It is regrettable that the world is watching this fierce war, though it is not even a war, it is a blatant aggression in which women and children are being killed. The hospital of the city has been completely disabled after the electricity was cut off and medicines were cut off. Schools have been destroyed, civilian refuges have been destroyed. Sirte’s citizens are completely cut off from the world, there are no communications, there is no media or foreign presence.

‘When they accused us of killing and destroying and slaughtering, which of course they were not able to prove a single instance of after all these months, we saw their organisations arrive in those cities that had been violated, such as Misratah, Al-Zawiyah and Benghazi. Their organisations, newspapers, TV channels, politicians and diplomats came and screamed at the top of their voices and turned the world upside down.

‘Now, Sirte is being bombarded and destroyed but no-one has lifted a finger or spoken. No-one is crying for Sirte or for Bani Walid or Sabha. This clear injustice is the biggest proof of the death of justice and manners and civilisation. It is also the biggest proof of the conspiracy and shows that it is all a lie, and that it has nothing to do with protecting Libyans and nothing to do with protecting civilians.

‘It is to do with one thing only…Now we are fighting in order to protect our nation. I reassure the free Arab viewers that are watching us now in the Gulf, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, Iraq and all the free Arab nations, that we will continue to struggle on all fronts, and that we are achieving victories every day despite the difficulty of the conditions and the ferocity of the wild attack against us. We are not concerned with Bani Walid and Sirte and Sabha alone, we are thinking of Tripoli and Benghazi and Al-Marj and Al-Baydah and Darnah and Al-Zawiyah and Sabrata and Surman so that we can return Libya to its true Arab position, its national position. We will prevent the occupier from initiating any colonial projects on Libya’s pure soil…

‘I would like to confirm again and again to our Libyan and Arab viewers that Libya is currently being sold in auction, and the secret agreements between the terrorist gangs and the western countries are happening now as we speak on the phone. They are working on three axes. The first is Libyan petrol, Libyan petrol is being stolen now not for a couple of months ahead, but for decades ahead; Libyan petrol is being placed under agreements and contracts for the benefit of western companies and countries, after it was the property of the Libyan people.

‘The second axis is military bases, I continue to confirm that NATO has not left Libya and that – God forbid – if it is victorious, it shall establish military bases under diplomatic titles such as peacekeeping forces, and training centres for the Libyan army…etc, in order to establish military bases in Libya close to Egypt. Of course Egypt, country and people, are oblivious, they don’t know what is being planned for them. They shall build military bases (in Libya) that shall threaten the security of Egypt for year! s to come; there are other (military) bases in west Libya. Those in east Libya may be established in Al-Bayda or Tubruk, those in the west in Al-Aziziyah, those in the south shall be close to Ghat or Ubari, close to the heart of Africa.

‘As for the third axis, it is to divide Libya, this has been in place for months now.

‘These are the three axes, and this is why we say struggle is necessary, and this is why we are resisting and leading our sacred war against NATO and their revolutionaries. We are not fighting for the sake of ruling, or for political positions, or wealth, or other things. The people are with us…We shall regain Libya as free, pure and noble, and it shall become the graveyard of the NATO and its projects in the whole region with God’s will.’