‘Rise up– be steadfast!’ – urges Ayshah al Gadaffi

Libyan students marching on the TUC demonstration on March 26
Libyan students marching on the TUC demonstration on March 26

THE Damascus-based pro-Al-Gadaffi Al-Ra’y TV has broadcast a four-minute audio message to the Libyan people by Colonel Gadaffi’s daughter, Ayshah al-Gadaffi.

The message was announced by the Al-Ra’y TV owner, Iraqi businessman Mish’an al-Juburi, within his evening ‘For All to See’ programme.

He said he recorded Ayshah’s message immediately before he started his programme.

Before broadcasting the recorded message, Al-Juburi said he felt that the message ‘may cause her some problems in Algeria. I believe that Algeria wants the brothers who arrived there not to make statements or carry out any activities.’

Al-Juburi addressed Algerians, the ‘land of millions of martyrs’, and President Bouteflika ‘who supported all liberation movements in the world’.

He urged the Algerian president to ‘prevent officials from upsetting or mistreating this noble family.

The mujahid Dr Ayshah al-Gadaffi, who is the daughter of the Libyan people and the sister of martyrs, cannot remain silent while hearing about her sisters being raped in Harawah and in many other Libyan cities.’

He urged President Bouteflika to allow ‘this sister to express her voice against the invasion to which her country and people are being subjected, against occupation and against injustice’.

He quoted the Algerian interior minister as saying a ‘few days ago that Israel is trying to create chaos in Algeria’. He said he did not wish for ‘Dr Ayshah to leave Algeria to another country. I think that the Algerian people will not accept that.’

Ayshah said: ‘God’s peace, mercy and blessing upon you! O you the great Libyan people! I salute you. I am not going to tell you that victory will be soon, but we are living it every day for eight months.

‘We are assured of a victory unprecedented in history. Forty states with their powerful warplanes, missiles and technology carrying out attacks from air and sea while their agents are attacking on the land, but the Libyan people are steadfast and fighting.

‘We congratulate ourselves on these heroes.

‘I congratulate you Libyans on your great leader. I can reassure you about him. He is in good health, praise be to God!

‘He believes in God and his morale is high. He is carrying weapons and, together with his sons, is fighting on the battle front side by side with Libyan mujahidin.

‘This is Mu’ammar al-Gadaffi He devoted his life and his sons to be mujahidin and martyrs.

‘This is your emir, O you the people of Qatar!

‘He presented you with a crown prince who weeps like a woman about the World Cup after twelve years.

‘O Libyans, you deserve to be proud of your leader. Shame on Arab rulers who applaud and help in the slaughter of Libyans!

‘It is regrettable to see Arab peoples, see an Arab and Muslim people being slaughtered for eight months without budging or revolting.

‘I appeal to the lions of Tripoli, Tarhunah, Al-Suqurah and Al-Shistanah; to the lions of Al-Asabi’ah, Al-Mashashiyah, Al-Ruhaybat, Al-Ujaylat and Al-Nawayil; to the lions of the ancient Sabha; to the lions of the brave and steadfast Bani Walid; to the valiant lions of Sirte; to the lions of Abu Sulaym and Al-Hadbah; to the heroes of steadfast Tripoli and all the mujahidin of Libya from the west to the south.

‘I urge you to rise and to be steadfast. Allah says a hundred perseverant of you will defeat two hundreds and one thousand of you will defeat two thousands, with God’s permission. God Is with the perseverant.

‘As for those who are silent I tell them what you are hearing about a new government is a farce. What kind of government is this? You know these faces very well, starting from Abu Shannah (Mustafa Abd-al-Jalil) who swore allegiance and obedience to my father and then he betrayed him; Mahmud Jibril who swore allegiance and obedience to mujahid Sayf al-Islam and then he betrayed him; (Abd-al-Rahman) Shalqam swore allegiance for 40 years then he betrayed; the dumb (Ali Abd-al-Salam) Al-Turayki swore allegiance and obedience for 40 years then he betrayed. (Abd-al-Hafiz) Al-Ghawqah, who was the head of the bar association, swore allegiance and obedience then he betrayed. (Abd-al-Hakim Balhaj, who took an oath then violated it and so on. These violated their oaths so how can’t they betray you?

‘I address the NATO revolutionaries if they have brains to use. When NATO wanted to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq they were on the ground because they did not find traitors who would take up arms against their people.

‘Regrettably, in Libya they found those who took up arms against their Muslim brothers, who say there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His messenger. So fear God, fear God! Sufficient unto us is God and in God we trust.

‘Finally, I remember what my brother said when I asked him to take care of himself and of his brothers on the battle front.

‘I will not forget his statement when he said “we will make our bodies a road on which Libyans will walk towards victory”.

‘O Libyan heroes, do not dash the hope of your martyrs. Avenge them on the enemy! Avenge them on the enemy! Avenge them on the enemy! Victory will follow a brief patience!

‘God’s peace, mercy and blessings upon you!’

Al-Juburi continued to surprise viewers by welcoming in the channel’s Damascus studio Dr Yusuf Shakir, the former Libyan leader’s propagandist who used to appear regularly on the official Libyan state TV station, LIBTV.

Al-Juburi welcomed Dr Shakir by saying ‘once more, Al-Ra’y channel and I are honoured to have today this strong, resisting, honest, and brave voice which is firm on the promise, who has not broken a promise and who has spent days in the desert full of hardship, pain and adventure… until he reached the place of safety… where we welcomed him in this capital, the capital of the resistance and fighters, Damascus.’

Dr Shakir said that he did not ‘run away’ from Libya as he was resisting with ‘words’ only, and described how his family and him had to travel 800 km through the desert with no food or water other than a bottle of polluted water.

He added that he tried to seek assistance from the IRC, Amnesty International, among others, but that nobody showed interest in his plight.

Dr Shakir then talked about the endemic corruption in Libya in which several prominent figures, who succeeded in covering it up from Al-Gadaffi were involved.

He also accused some of Al-Gadaffi’s relatives, including one of his cousins, of treason and for the quick fall of Tripoli without proper resistance.

In the course of the conversation, Dr Shakir said that he promised during his last appearance on the official Libyan television to ‘bring to viewers the disfigured body of Abd-al-Fattah Yunus. God willing, we shall show it in 48 hours on the Al-Ra’y channel. We shall show how his eye was plucked out and how he was tortured.’