Appeal Launched For Witnesses To Police Violence


GREEN and Black Cross (GBC) today launched the appeals and witness section of their website in an attempt to challenge police misconduct during student demonstrations over the recent weeks.

The website contains pleas for information relating to incidents of police brutality.

One girl who contacted GBC described how an officer ‘pulled out a huge chunk of my hair’. Extremely shaken by the actions she said ‘I fell to the floor as he stood in front of me, holding a huge clump of my hair, visibly pleased with himself.’

The officer is alleged to be SX185 and the incident occurred at 4pm on Broad Sanctuary, the road leading to Victoria Street from Parliament Square.

GBC would also like to gather any statements from those who were crushed in the kettle at the end of the night on Westminster Bridge.

The kettling tactic was part of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) report into the policing of the G20 protests last year in which Ian Tomlinson was killed.

The report, ‘Adapting to Protest,’ said that kettling was consistent with the police’s legal obligations, however, it recommended ‘provisions to let vulnerable and distressed individuals leave a kettle, better police communication to protesters about when a kettle is to be imposed and available exits, likely duration and proper respect for the ‘UK press card’ to allow free movement of journalists.’

The HMIC also called for a review of certain forms of police violence used in demonstrations, recommending review into the use of the police baton raised above the head – this was what allegedly led to the brain haemorrhage of Alfie Meadows on Thursday – and the use of shields as a weapon – leading to a missing tooth as reported one protester appearing on the GBC website.

The newly formed group Green and Black Cross is volunteer-run and established out of a need for support in the emerging and energetic student movement.

GBC is not aligned to any political doctrine or Party instead believing in mutual aid and collective empowerment.

Please check the website to see if you witnessed any of the incidents. Get in touch if you would like them to make an appeal on your behalf.

07946 541511

The appeals on the website currently are

• 9/12/10 Dayx3

Girl 1. 16:00 or around this time at Broad Sanctuary (road leading to Victoria Street), young white female, 5’10” wearing brown velvet trousers and short blue suede coat with fake fur collar and cuffs, long dark blonde hair tied back.

As police moved forward officer SX185 pushed her to the floor and PULLED OUT A LARGE CHUNK OF HAIR FROM HER HEAD leaving a bald spot. We are told the officer was visibly pleased with with his actions.

• Guy 1. 18:45 where Whitehall meets Horse Guards Avenue, young white male wearing a brown hoodie, grey scarf, black hat and blue jeans. Stood aside as police moved forward and was hit in face with shield and fell to ground. When he stood up he received a kick in the groin from an officer.

• Guy 2. 20:20 corner of St Margaret’s Church grounds, young white male black boots, black jeans, dark blue top, short brown hair. Tried to escape kettle by running into the church gardens followed by officers.

When trapped in corner he turned round and raised hands to give up as one officer, believed to be 133LP or 133PL, charged at him with a riot shield knocking out a tooth.

He was then arrested for ‘threats to cause criminal damage’ as police are saying he was shouting to smash the church, which he denies.


The protest ended in a packed kettle on Westminster Bridge where protesters were forced into a tightening kettle.

We have had reports of injuries suffered due to the crush created by police. Please get in contact if you experienced this.

• Finally, we’ve heard from three arrestees that police wouldn’t phone the solicitor they asked for and instead pushed for them to take the duty solicitor. If this also happened to you, please let us know.

• 30/11/10 DayX2

Guy1. Punched in face by police in Trafalgar Sq. Two video clips have appeared on youtube showing the incident…. Witnesses still sought.

• Guy2. Flung against Nelson’s Column by police medic {sic}. Same ‘medic’ then treated the guy and sent him to hospital. We have not had contact from him yet. Is this you, please get in touch. Witnesses still sought.

• Woman 1. Wearing a yellow jumper and got hit by police in Trafalgar Square near Tesco when the police started to kettle a group of people. She is still looking for witnesses to come forward.

• Girl 2. Hit on the head and knocked unconscious when police baton charged in Trafalgar Square. She was taken to hospital. Witnesses still sought.

• Girl 3. 15yrs old and in school uniform. Beaten by cop with baton, now has broken foot. We would like to make contact with her and find witnesses.

• Bristol. ‘I’m potentially being charged for digging my nails into a police officer who was strangling me and am in desperate need of video or photo evidence of this event . . . It happened during the first attempt at occupying Bristol uni . . . I was wearing a Blue & White striped beanie hat and a grey scarf’. See