ALI HASSAN AL MAJID (centre) at the opening ceremony of the Mohammed al Durra school in Baghdad dedicated to a young Palestinian victim of an Israeli army attack
ALI HASSAN AL MAJID (centre) at the opening ceremony of the Mohammed al Durra school in Baghdad dedicated to a young Palestinian victim of an Israeli army attack

THE Socialist Arab Ba’ath Party in Iraq has affirmed that the report presented by the two assistants to the American president in Iraq, Ambassador Crocker and commander of the occupation forces Petraeus, did not deviate from what Iraqi patriots and many observers and politicians in the United States and the world had expected.

The report’s purpose is to cover up the major and accelerating collapse of the American colonialist project in Iraq.

Ba’ath spokesman Dr Abu-Muhammad said that the US administration and the American official and media services stirred up a big clamour in the past few months, claiming the report would provide unexpected solutions and fresh views and visions.

He said: ‘These services tried to deceive the American public first and then the world public, which rejects the Bush administration’s fascist policy of war, aggression and occupation, that Crocker and Petraeus would present an independent opinion, precise evaluation, and scientific analysis of the situation in Iraq and possible beneficial options for the United States.

‘That is as if they were not employees of the American President’s administration and their duty was to beautify the ugly and corroded face of the policy and strategy of their master who appointed them as American civilian and military governors in Iraq.’

The Ba’ath Party representative added: ‘As expected, Crocker and Petraeus delivered to the members of the Congress and the American people boring lengthy details, tables, charts, figures, and maps of which most of them could not make any sense.

‘In an American hypocritical appearance, they warned against the actions of the Al-Qaeda Organisation and the pro-Iranian militias, and Iran’s subversive role in Iraq.

‘Do these two Bush administration officials and those who schooled them in their misleading services believe that the Iraqis, the Arabs, and many circles in the United States, Europe, and the world can forget that the militias, whose leaders hold senior positions in the government and the security services formed by the American occupation administration, were created after the occupation and with the knowledge and approval of its political administration?

‘Can they forget that they began their fascist criminal campaigns to kidnap, detain, torture, kill, displace, and assassinate hundreds of thousands of Iraqis with the knowledge and within the hearing and sight of its forces and intelligence agencies – if not with their approval?

‘Do they and their masters believe that the public can forget that the Al-Qaeda Organisation did not exist in Iraq before the occupation and that the occupation opened the Iraqi borders to facilitate the entry of Al-Qaeda to Iraq on the pretext of drawing the terrorists to Iraq and fighting them there instead of fighting them in the United States, according to many American official statements?

‘Do they believe that the public can forget that Iran had almost no influence in Iraq before the invasion and the occupation and that the American occupation administration opened Iraq’s doors to it by cooperating with the Iranian intelligence before the invasion through their double agents: the leaders and members of the pro-Iranian and pro-British intelligence sectarian parties in London?

‘Do they believe that the public can forget that the American occupation administration depended on these pro-Iranian party leaders to manage the occupation government in Iraq, create the security and military services, and fill them up with elements affiliated with and loyal to Iran by opening the border between Iraq and Iran and not deploying any police or military forces to stop the flow of thousands of Iranian revolutionary guards and intelligence elements and their weapons into Iraq?’

Ba’ath Party representative Dr Abu-Muhammad said: ‘The American military and civilian governors of the occupation administration in Iraq delude themselves if they and their fascist criminal masters in Washington imagined that the Iraqis and many Arabs and others did not know that the US Administration had planned to use this Iranian subversive role, whether directly through the Iranian intelligence services and the murder and sabotage squads or through the pro-Iranian local militias, to escalate the sectarian strife, combat the Iraqi resistance, and liquidate and destroy the national structures of the Iraqi state and its scientific, civilian, and military elite.’

He added: ‘The purpose of all this clamour about the report of Crocker and Petraeus is to cover up the catastrophic military failure, the disgraceful political failure, and the bitter moral retreat of the American imperial and colonialist project in Iraq and to market this accelerating collapse as an important step for victory that demands more time and patience.

‘Why? It is because Bush, the criminal of the 21st century, is determined to continue the fascist annihilation war that his father began against the Iraqi people in August 1990 – a war that has entered a more ferocious stage since the start of the invasion and occupation more than four and a half years ago.’

The Ba’ath Party representative added: ‘It seems that the criminal Bush has not quenched his thirst for the blood of the Iraqis.

‘He caused the killing of more than one million Iraqis since the invasion. The successive military attacks and the blockade have killed two million Iraqis between 1990 and 2003.

‘The fact known to all those who follow up the American policy is that President Bush, who is obsessed with evil and war, does not want to admit the failure of his colonialist project, and this will lead to his downfall from the presidency and end like any fascist war criminal.’

He added: ‘As many others and we have expected, the two American war criminals talked about what they called security and political progress to give hope to the ignorant about progress and victory, which are considered impossible.

‘Where is this progress when American soldiers have been falling every day at the hands of the valiant Iraqi national resistance?

‘Where is this progress when the blood of the Iraqis is running like rivers in Iraqi streets and when thousands of Iraqis are entering the prisons of the occupation, its militias, and its government?

‘Where is this progress when the Iraqi citizen is no longer secure about himself, his family, his house, and his property?

‘Where is this progress when high walls surround the neighbourhoods of Baghdad, isolating them from each other, and many of them have become ghettos, thanks to the sectarian and ethnic cleansing supervised by the American occupation services and the security services of the agent government and its militias?

‘Where is this progress when tens of thousands of Iraqis are fleeing daily to the fraternal neighbour Syria to escape the hell of the occupation, bringing the number of displaced Iraqis outside the country to more than four millions and inside the country to more than two millions?

‘Where is this progress when public services have deteriorated and the most important of them, like electricity and water, have disappeared and when the occupation had returned Iraq to the pre-state era – that is, to more than 6,000 years back?

‘Where is this progress when the American occupation’s ground, air, and missile forces have continued to launch daily savage attacks on Iraqi houses, work places, and concentrations? Where is this progress when the pro-Iranian sectarian parties and militias and the death squads associated with the American, British, Israeli, and Iranian intelligence are continuing to kill, deport, displace, and kidnap Iraqis opposed to the occupation and Iraqis that do not belong to the occupation parties in all parts of Iraq, irrespective of their religious, ethnic, and tribal affiliations?’

‘The Ba’ath Party representative said: The attempts of the American war administration to divert the attention of the voters, legislators, and the American public through fabricated reports, tables, and charts will not help this administration to save itself from its dark fate.

‘A humiliating and disgraceful collapse is awaiting it. The scene of the big flight from the roof of the American embassy in Saigon is looming in the horizon before millions of Americans.

‘That is, unless this administration makes a decision, acts realistically, and sits with the administration of the Iraqi national resistance to discuss ending its occupation, withdrawing from Iraq, and fulfilling its obligations as an occupation country that invaded and occupied an independent, sovereign, and UN founding member state, dismantled its state, and ruined the lives of its people without any reason.

‘This report and other attempts to patch and beautify the ugly and grim face of the occupation will only increase the determination of the Iraqi people to uphold their national liberation and jihadist project represented by the Iraqi national resistance factions and all the national, pan-Arab, Islamic, and tribal forces, organisations, and figures.

‘This project is gaining strength, support and influence, and is getting closer to its ultimate goal, which is the liberation of Iraq, the restoration of its sovereignty and independence, and the freedom of its people, God willing.

‘It will only add failure, disgrace, and decline to the American colonialist project, leading it to final and major collapse and imminent definite and terrifying defeat with God’s help.’