Workers must take action to force through the 2016 Referendum decision to leave the EU!


BREXIT Secretary Raab announced yesterday that ‘Today, I want to set out the steps we in government and you in business, the public sector and voluntary sector should take, in order that we can make sure the United Kingdom goes from strength to strength.

‘Even in the unlikely event that we do not reach a negotiated deal with the European Union. This statement brought laughter from all over the country as millions have been watching the Brussels bureaucracy kicking the crap out of the demoralised UK ruling class, that never wanted to leave the EU in the first place.

Raab continued to announce: ‘We are stepping up the pace and the intensity of our negotiations, and I am confident a good deal is within our sights.’ He added referring to the £39bn that the UK has agreed to hand over to the EU – ‘Now, on the basis that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, we have agreed the financial settlement. Let me be clear about this. This is not what we want. And it’s not what we expect. But, we must be ready.’

In fact they are about as ready to break with the EU as was their forerunner Ethelred the Unready to deal with the Danish hordes. The Tories are going through the motions before they capitulate even more shamefully than did the Greek ruling class. Their planning amounts to a declaration that ‘we are publishing the first 25 in a series of technical notices. They are designed to inform people and businesses in the UK about what they may need to do, if we don’t reach a deal with the EU.’

So much for emergency planning and leadership. The Tories are going through the motions before they capitulate and leave the working class to its fate. The Labour and trade union bureaucracy are, if anything, even more hostile to the 2016 Referendum result, and its instruction to the government to leave the EU.

The GMB screamed yesterday through Jude Brimble, GMB National Secretary, declaring: ‘This Conservative government is gambling with UK industry and people’s livelihoods. . . Ministers said a trade deal would be the easiest thing in the world and now with a few months to go we are preparing for chaos. GMB demands the government put people’s jobs, safety and health above settling internal party squabbles.’

Labour shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer MP, responding to Raab’s speech, said: ‘Dominic Raab’s speech exposes the reality that this government is simply not prepared for a no deal scenario. The speech was thin on detail, thin on substance and provided no answers to how ministers intend to mitigate the serious consequences of leaving the EU without an agreement.

‘We are eight weeks out from the deadline for reaching an agreement. Ministers should be getting on with the job of negotiating a Brexit deal that works for Britain, not publishing vague documents that will convince no one. ‘A no deal Brexit has never been viable and would represent a complete failure of the government’s negotiating strategy.’

Starmer is unashamedly for remaining in the EU and for a parliamentary conspiracy to organise a second referendum to try and frighten the UK population into staying in the EU. However, the working class will not stand for it. Millions of workers will insist that since parliament and bourgeois democracy are completely discrediting themselves, and the trade union bureaucracy has been bought and sold by Brussels corporatism, the time has come for the working class itself to take decisive action over the Referendum result.

Workers in their trade unions will act against any attempt at a parliamentary coup against the Brexit Referendum result. They will march on the parliament and shut it down as the bourgeoisie did in its revolutionary days under Oliver Cromwell.

If parliament will not do the job then the working class must take the power and break with the EU, and settle the issue of which way forward for the UK by nationalising the banks and the major industries under workers management. Such an example will spread like wildfire throughout the EU and see it overthrown and replaced by the Socialist United States of Europe!