Workers must bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government to break with EU!


THE EU’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, in a two minute report, has ordered the British ruling class to accept ‘all decisions’ of the EU during a two-year transitional period to begin on March 29 2019 and end on December 31,2020.

He ordered that during this period the UK must continue all payments to the EU, operate all EU laws, and accept any new legislation agreed by the EU, as well as accepting the judgments of the European Court.

During that time, the UK would not be able to agree any new trade deals with non-EU countries. The proposal is that the UK becomes a feudal vassal state of the EU, with feudal relations, with taxation without any representation – a breach with the basic bourgeois principle that the American revolution was fought over in the 18th century.

The revelation of the plan for Britain’s enslavement takes place as PM May faces a House of Commons rebellion from up to 60 Tory MPs over her plan to pass a Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill that will allow Britain to join a customs union after Brexit.

Pro-Brexit Tories have told Tory chief whip Julian Smith that up to 60 Tory MPs will table amendments to the Taxation Bill if the clause allowing for a customs union without a parliamentary vote is not removed.

However, Brexit Minister Davies has already conceded that the UK’s relationship with the EU will be ‘very, very similar’ after Brexit, as outlined by Chancellor Hammond. Even International Trade Secretary Fox, up until now a leading Brexiteer, has said that fellow Tory Brexiteers should stop attacking Chancellor Hammond and ‘live with the disappointment’.

The Tory leadership is capitulating to the EU, while Tory Brexiteers have begun to wobble. Now ‘Project Fear’ has been started up again. A government research document that seeks to show that the UK economy will grow more slowly outside the European Union, no matter what deal is struck with Brussels, has been leaked and Labour has called for this assessment to be published and debated in Parliament.

Sadiq Khan, Labour mayor of London, said it showed the need for the government to ‘urgently change course’ and make staying in the single market and customs union its top priority. Both Tory and Labour MPs are now moving together to make a big push, alongside the SNP, the Lib Dems and the non-elected House of Lords.

The Lords this week are set to debate the EU Withdrawal Bill as opposition peers eye victory on at least 12 amendments. Parliament’s unelected second chamber is gearing up for a marathon two days of debate, with a record 195 peers demanding a chance to speak and then to send back the much amended bill to the House of Commons after Easter.

The angry unelected peers are determined to amend the bill out of existence and, by that challenge, the entire democratic process in the UK. The unelected body is determined that Parliament will vote to avoid the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal. Today Labour peer Lord Adonis intends to force a vote demanding a second referendum, with Lib Dem, Tory and Labour peers in support.

The Liberal Democrats signalled they will back the vote, while Labour, as usual, has not officially made its mind up. The unelected House of Lords are expected to vote and demand a second referendum.

The mass of Remainer MPs in the House of Commons are then expected to take action to support the unelected Lords impose the EU onto the working class, in what will be a parliamentary coup attempt.

In this crisis situation the working class must take action to defend its democratic rights and the 2016 Referendum result. In the event of an attempted parliamentary coup the working class must take to the streets in a general strike action and march on parliament. The undemocratic, unelected House of Lords must be closed down and the House of Commons with it.

Instead of the fraud of a fake bourgeois democracy the working class must bring in a workers government that will replace the dictatorship of the capitalist bosses and bankers with the dictatorship of the working class. This will expropriate the bosses and bankers and bring in socialism.