Workers must answer state preparations by forcing through Brexit and putting an end to UK capitalism!


AFTER the news that over 3,000 troops were being mobilised for action after Brexit Day on March 29th, we have now been told that Whitehall officials are drawing up plans to evacuate the Queen and the Royal Family from London in the event of rioting triggered by a no-deal Brexit.

According to The Sunday Times the plans are a ‘repurposed’ version of proposals drawn up to rescue the Royal Family during the Cold War in the event of a Russian invasion! The fate of the Royal Family who have never gone short of anything is a matter of the most acute concern for the capitalist state because it is its figurehead for holding the the allegiance of the middle classes. The crisis that the working class is living through since the 2008 crash is ignored by the ruling class and seen as just normal business under capitalism!

In fact, life is getting harder for workers and their families. Pay for workers in their 30s is still 7% below the level before the 2008 banking crisis, research by the Resolution Foundation think tank has shown. It said that people who were in their 20s at the height of the crash a decade ago were worst hit by the pay squeeze that has had a lasting ‘scarring’ effect on their earnings.

As a result, there are now hungry young people sleeping out in the freezing cold in every high street in the UK, thanks to this crisis of capitalism, and its austerity policies. These have made the bankers much richer than they were before 2008, but have wiped out and are killing the poor.

Meanwhile, Labour Party research shows that the number of instances of ‘Dickensian diseases’ that were thought to have been eliminated during the last century has increased in UK hospitals by 3,000 on average, in every year since 2010. Hospitals in the UK have reported an alarming increase in ‘Victorian-era’ diseases like scarlet fever, whooping cough and gout, which were believed to have been completely eradicated in the 20th century.

Jonathan Ashworth, the Labour shadow health and social care secretary admitted: ‘The damning truth is austerity is making our society sicker. It means the poor die younger. Since 2010, while food banks scatter across the land, admissions to hospital for malnutrition have increased by 54%. 2,539 people were diagnosed with tuberculosis last year.’

The Queen and her ultra-privileged gang of social security scroungers do not need protection. The state is mobilising to defend them and capitalism. The mass of the working class and youth have learnt since 2008 that no one will protect them and their families except themselves, through taking revolutionary action to put an end to capitalism and its crisis. This is the only way to to protect themselves from this crisis.

The eruption of the class struggle since the 2008 financial crisis has taken place all over the EU. From Greece to Paris and Rome the working class is driving forward against austerity and capitalism, which has ruined it, and the UK working class is in its vanguard with its drive for Brexit, to leave the EU.

The truth is that like the Bourbons, the EU and US bankers and bosses have learnt nothing and their arrogance is continuing with the development of a new and even graver economic crisis that is driving a trade war and another financial collapse at record speed.

There is a new banking crash on the way and the ruling classes knows only one way out of it, that is to increase the super exploitation of the working class to replace austerity with super-austerity while an international banking crash creates armies of homeless. This is the traditional way of putting ‘value’ back into capitalism!

The new banking catastrophe is emerging in the middle of a trade war that has already sunk the car industry internationally and is leading to the mass sackings of car workers in the UK, the EU, in Japan and the USA.

The working class must and will take action to defend itself not only in the UK, and in the the EU, but throughout the whole of the capitalist world. Industries that go broke must be occupied and the demand must be raised and fought for, that they be expropriated, become part of a nationalised economy and are put under workers’ management.

The working class in the UK must drive forward and use all of its power to ensure that the UK leaves the EU on March 29th and that the brazen bosses and bankers are dealt with through the working class bringing in a workers’ government that will nationalise the banks and the major industries under workers’ management.

The only way out of this capitalist crisis is for the working class to take the power in the UK. What the UK needs is a socialist revolution. What the UK and EU workers need is to form a common front and to bring down the EU and replace it with a European-wide planned socialist economy and the Socialist United States of Europe.

This is the only way out of the crisis of capitalism.

Sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International must be built up all over the EU and must play the leading role in the organisation of the European Socialist Revolution.